Good for her, not for me – concealer faves and misses.

I feel like concealer is the most underrated makeup product out there. Makeup displays are crowded with beautiful lipsticks, metallic eye shadows and flashy highlighters but really, without a good concealer – these products wouldn’t look half as good on your face.

Luckily, I never really struggled much with acne growing up and even now as a 20-something I get the odd spot here and there but that is it. What I do have though are dark non-designer bags under my eyes. Pair those with seasonal allergies – wish me the best of luck! I also have freckles… a lot of freckles. I don’t admit this much but I actually try to cover my freckles with my makeup everyday. Some of m closest friends don’t even know the extent of my freckles. I love them on other people and think they are beautiful but for some reason, I view them as imperfections on my own skin.

For those reasons, I get super excited to try new concealing products whenever I have the opportunity. I tend to look for lightweight formulas with a medium coverage that I can build with or a full coverage right out the gates.

I know this is a touchy subject and really depends on your preference but I tend to apply my concealer before my foundation. I find that it brightens up the dark spots and allows my skin have a more consistent complexion before going in with my foundation and I also use less foundation doing it this way. To each their own on this subject.

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Food & Drink

The Chai Life.

Somehow, it is still 30°c here in Canada but that should be changing in a few days and I’ll be welcoming fall and cooler weather with my arms wide open!

A few years ago I tried my very first Chai Latte and that first impression ended up haunting me for the years to come. Whenever the trees would drop their first orange leaves to the ground a Chai Latte popped up in everyone’s hand. The first time I sipped one, it was very peppery and I thought “why are people torturing themselves by drinking this?” It tasted like burnt pepper. Turns out, if you are able to get the spices just right and sweeten it perfectly what you’ll have is a little cup of heavenly fall flavor. I have joined the Chai side of life.

It starts with the perfect combination of fall spices. You can make a bigger batch of this magic to store in your pantry so you have it ahead of time for when the cravings come… because they will.

This is the combination of spices that I enjoy, obviously you can mix it up on your own until you find your preference. I also don’t like to use any of the syrups or refined sugars that the major coffee chains use but you can use whatever you like. Also, I am not vegan but the way I make it is vegan.

All you do is steep your tea with the spices in a pot of hot water. Divide into two mugs, (because sharing is caring) sweeten and add your milk. I tried using canned coconut milk once because I had no other use for it at the time and it was super think and creamy. I haven’t made it any other way since then and I likely never will again. You can also experiment with almond, soy, flax or regular dairy milk if you wanted.

With Canadian Thanksgiving coming up around the corner, I think I may have to add the Chai Latte option to the after dinner coffee menu at our place.

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Food & Drink

Must love dogs.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have children of my own, or maybe I am just overly obsessed with my Pug – either way, I believe my 4 legged baby is as much a part of my family as I am. Although Winston will eat anything he can get his paws on, I like to make sure it is healthy and beneficial for him.

A large section of my pantry is dedicated to Winston’s treats and I find no shame in that! Reading the ingredients on dog treats is enough to make the most sane person, crazy. Things that are healthy for human consumption, are not always safe for your little bestie.

What did I do… searched every deep dark corner of the internet for a treat recipe with healthy and simple ingredients that I can pronounce and Pug will love and made a few tweaks. I make a big batch of them at a time and fill the Treat Jar with them and feel 100% confident giving him a little snack when he’s a good boy.

Below is the recipe that I use. Let me know if you have any other good ones that you’ve tested out and think I should try.

PS – these also make a great holiday gift if your friends have dog children like mine do.

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