Sweater Weather.

If I were actually able to put my feelings into words and find a way to explain it to you – I still don’t think you would fully understand. I LOVE fall. I CRAVE fall. Fall makes me SO happy! Nothing bad can happen in the fall. Well, not nothing but IF something bad does happen to you in the fall – make a warm cup of happiness and snuggle under a warm blanket and I promise it will feel like your big problem just became a little smaller.

We have had an unusually warm September here in Ontario which I am secretly bitter about because like I said, I LOVE FALL (are you catching my drift yet?) Last weekend it was 35°c and my best friend and I were going for our monthly Sunday lunch together. She insisted we sit outside and reminded me “this could be the last patio day of the year” (For some reason, there was sadness behind her eyes when she said that but all I could think about was “hallelujah!” She won and I lost so we sat on the patio sweating and drinking ice cold drinks like it was going out of style)

BUT… the heat is over and we are back to seasonal temperatures here and I am breaking out my chunky knits, cozy scarfs and beloved boots. I can’t wait to go pumpkin picking, bake pies, watch Hocus Pocus and spend chilly mornings snuggling with Pug.

In anticipation of all these things, I have been doing a little retail therapy lately and picked up some really great finds for the season that I wanted to share with you. I have linked each of the items below for you.


Sweater: Billabong is a hugely underrated brand in my opinion. They always have really comfy ready to wear pieces that I fall head over heals for! This sweater is actually sold out in this colour for the Dance With Me style already but it is available in white and a pretty rose tone for $69.95

Jeans: If you don’t own a pair of Levi’s 721 jeans… do you even own jeans? These are the Skinny Rugged Indi style and I believe they only come in the one medium denim wash. I purchased mine at Aritziafor $108 for you can also obviously find them at Levi’s also.

Boots: I am so obsessed with the Larini booties from Steve Madden right now! You can pick up a pair online directly from their website for only $180.00 and they also come in black leather  for the same price if suede isn’t your thing. They are super comfortable and perfect for the office or going out and about! These babies will be making an appearance all over town this season.

Sunglasses: You can never go wrong with classic Ray-Ban aviators. I do have a pretty small head so finding shades that don’t sit funny on me or give me a headache can be a mission all on it’s own so I love that Ray-Ban glasses come in small, regular and large sizing. The Classic’s start at $190 and you can customize the frames or lenses if you want to also to complete the look you are striving for.

cc beanie

I am such a sucker for a good beanie! My small head causes pain and suffering when hat shopping also so I am always on the lookout for a beanie that won’t stretch out and slide right off my head! Colorado Chick has the cutest beanies in so many different colors and styles. You can order right from the website for $16.00 and have it shipped directly to you for an additional fee. (when it arrives, you are going to want to spend some time fluffing out the bunny ball because of the shipping) I will likely be living in the Boulder Beanie Bunny Ball during these cold months. The pom pom is faux fur and the beanie has a very slight slouch to it which I love and it is super comfy!

lincoln park

For me, fall doesn’t officially start until my nails have been painted Lincoln Park After Dark. For years, this has been my go to color for the start of the colder months It starts out here and then usually moves into Lincoln Park After Midnight and ends up at Midnight In Moscow. That is just the way that I do it and I can’t change it now!


My boyfriend has this crazy irrational fear of having open flames in the house. Thankfully, he has never been involved in a house fire but we have no idea where this comes from but it drives me insane. If I had it my way, our house would be able to be easily mistaken for an active seance. So, we meet halfway – or so he thinks. Scattered around the house are strongly scented candles that most days, just sit there. However, when he is out and I am home alone up to no good, I will collect them all and sneak off into the bathroom to light them and have a bath before carefully placing them back where they belong before he gets home. Whenever he gets home and smells _____ around the house, I tell him I replaced the Wallflowersand he believes me… men 🙂

white pumpkin

Is there an easier way to add fall feelings to your home than using mini pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds and winter squash? …Nope. I have picked up a few handfuls at my local farmers market and have also seen them packaged together and ready to go at Walmart the last few weeks. They are really inexpensive and add such a great feeling around the house. I know some people prefer to use fake ones and you can pick them up at any dollar store and actually paint them if you’d like. I do prefer to buy the real ones but for no reason at all, fake would do the trick just as well!

Now that I have shared my finds with you, I’m off to enjoy them! What goodies have you picked up for fall so far?

7 thoughts on “Sweater Weather.

  1. I love this post! I love Fall as well. The Fall fashion excites me! I also love the sweaters and boots! I have candles lit all the time. I have that Pumpkin Cupcake one. It smells sooo good!! That’s funny about your bf believing you that it’s just the wallflowers. 🙊 I feel my bf would be just as gullible for something like that lol.


  2. B, saying good-bye to summer is always a hard farewell for me.. as you know…. but over the years, you’ve turned me into a fall lover 🍂 although I’ve always been way too into Halloween! So it wasn’t that hard to turn me.

    Love this blog… it’s almost time to put my Flannel car scent in! I have it sitting and waiting for that right moment. 🍁🎃

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