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Living in the land of perpetual sickness.

I am truthfully starting to feel like I live in the land of perpetual sickness. It seems that whenever I think I am over this bug and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it comes creeping right back!

My immune system has always been pretty nonexistent and I seem to be sick more often than my friends and family. It probably doesn’t help that I have chronic strep throat. Basically what that means is, I always have the illness but it doesn’t appear or become contagious until someone around me is sick and their germs kick start my strep throat.

With the change in the weather lately, everyone around me is starting to sniffle and I know its a matter of days before I’m under the covers feeling crappy. So, in an effort to keep myself healthy and happy I decided to make my own immune boosting Honey, Lemon & Ginger Jar.

The concept is as simple as it sounds…. honey, lemon and ginger layered together in a jar and kept in the fridge. Every evening, before getting ready to grab Pug and snuggle on the couch with my boyfriend for a little TV time to end the day, I add a couple spoonfuls to a mug of warm water and sip on it before heading to bed.

honey lemon ginger tea2.jpg

I know some people may opt to make this kind of drink fresh each day, but really – I don’t always have fresh lemons and ginger on hand and sometimes even the thought of having to slice them it too much hassle. Super lazy I know, but this method means I always have the ingredients stocked and I’m far more inclined to stick to this routine when it just involves putting a couple spoonfuls into some hot water.

If you can, try and use raw local honey. The honey you buy from the grocery store is usually pasteurized and this process can cause the honey to lose many of its fantastic health benefits – most notably its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Local honey also contains pollen from your specific area and consuming a little every day is said to help people who suffer badly with hay-fever and seasonal allergies.

As well as acting as a precautionary cold and flu defense, this drink is fantastic if you do come down with any bugs and are suffering with a sore throat. It is suitable for children too but just remember that honey shouldn’t be given to those under 1 year old – so I’ve been told. I have been starting to make this as soon as my boyfriend lets out that first cough or sneeze.

honey lemon ginger

Here is what you will need:

1 cup of honey

2 lemons – sliced

1 inch fresh ginger – sliced

1 mason jar with lid

Here is what you will need to do:

♥ Add the lemon, ginger and honey to the jar in layers. I usually place 2-3 slices of lemon, add a couple pieces of ginger on top and then a few spoonfuls of honey. Repeat until you have all the produce in the jar.

♥ Tightly secure the lid and place in the fridge for at least 12 hours to allow the ingredients to really combine and infuse.

When ready, add one or two teaspoons to a mug of warm water and drink immediately (you can add as much as you’d like based on your taste preference)

It is normal for the lemon juice and the honey to separate in the jar. The honey will settle at the bottom due to its density. Just give it a quick shake before using it. The mixture will keep in the fridge for up to 2 months but be sure to check it often to make sure it hasn’t turned.

Do you have a go to concoction for fighting off the flu? I would love to know if you do and what it is, please leave it in the comment section! Stay healthy everyone!



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