Outfit of the day.


I was actually pretty sad when EXPRESS closed all their Canadian locations earlier this year. However, I am thankful that I can still shop online.

The majority of their website is 40% right now so naturally, I had to jump online and get pointing and clicking! I really don’t know how I have gone this long without owning a fuzzy cardigan. Not to mention one with a hood! The super elegant and roomy Hooded Feather Cover-up is on sale right now for $47.97 (usually $79.90) plus, it has pockets! What more could you ask for from a cozy cardigan?

In my mind, there is no specific season for ripped or distressed jeans. I will rock these babies all year round! These ones are actually jeggings from American Eagle and are soooo comfortable! They come in over 25 different colors currently. Mine are the Brilliant Repair but I think I will be getting my hands on the Camo Green shortly. I have put these through the wash a few times and they still maintain the perfect fit without stretching or bagging.

I can never turn down a good shoe sale! I purchased these online from Nordstrom in September but there are still a few left and they are even further reduced now. Both the taupe and black HINGE Barris Block Heel Bootieare on sale now for $106.34 (33% off!!) If you have any reservation about ordering shoes online without trying them on the stores first – these do fit true to size so you shouldn’t have any issues.

I plan on wearing this cardigan all season long. I am not joking. I have noticed that after a hot shower on a long day, I am grabbing this out of my closet on my way downstairs to the couch along with my Mini Waffle & Sherpa Sock from Indigo. If you don’t already own a pair of these… get up and get some now! Don’t walk… run! A good friend of mine bought me my first pair and I have been adding to the collection each year since! There are a bunch of different styles and colors to choose from and they are $34.50 (Indigo has free shipping on orders over $25.00) There is so much truth to their website when they say these pair perfectly with a cup of tea and a best seller book.

What does your ideal cozy fall afternoon look like?

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