Sometimes you love ’em, sometimes you chuck ’em.

OMGHHKP!! (please tell me somebody reading this will remember where this is from… hint: Elle & Blair circa maybe 2010?) When did it become December? And not only is it December but it is the middle of December!?

I am so sorry to have gone missing for the last little while but as usual I have just been so busy running around doing who-knows-what and then I was traveling for a little bit and UGH, it is been crazy – but in a good way!

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to go through my drawers of beauty products that I haven’t tried out yet and purging through them. There have been some new loves found in there as well as some passes. With the winter weather rolling in and the holiday parties starting I figured it was a good time to play around with some new things.

vanilla candy cane body butterI have always been a huge fan of body butters and at any given time you can sneak a peak into my bathroom and find at least 3 that I have open and on the go! Is it weird to admit that I have a secret stash of emergency I Love… Body Butter Strawberries & Milkshake? (also available at most Shoppers Drug Mart locations) My body butter craze mixed with my strong desire to try Rocky Mountain Soup Co.products brought me to an obvious purchase from Planet Organic ( I believe I paid between $15.00 – $16.00) and I’m not even mad about it. The only way to describe the scent of the Vanilla Candy Cane Body Butter is this: it smells like Christmas threw up on you… but not in a bad way at all! The scent makes me think of baking that first batch of holiday cookies. I love the applicator and packaging and that it is not what you would expect from a body butter but more of a deodorant. The stick glides so nicely over the skin and if you just give it a little rub, you are good to go for the day! I am really excited by this Canadian brand and I’m sure you will see me posting more about them in the future.

cover girlI feel awful as I am even saying this out loud but it needs to be said… Covergirl… what happened here!? I love Covergirl, they have some of the hands down best products you can find at the drugstore. The Melting Pout liquid lipsticks though… leave these on the shelf!! I hated it so much that I chucked it away before I could even snap a picture of it. It needed to go. I don’t remember how much I wasted on this but it was for sure under $10.00. I was super excited to try this new formula and I was so beyond disappointed by it. Not only is the formula extremely sticky but it was SO PATCHY!! I didn’t expect that at all and especially with a dark deep purple shade. The only nice thing I have to say about this product is that it was hydrating and didn’t dry out or crack my lips. Big pass from me on this one.

nars removed.jpgOh, how I love a good non-foaming facial cleanser and how effective they tend to be at removing makeup in a single step. Really, who on planet Earth has the time for a cleanser AND a traditional makeup remover every single night!? Certainly not moi. From the feeling of your face luxuriating in an oil cleanser to the simplicity of a dirt-lifting micellar water, just take my money – I’m here for it all. Enter the NARS Aqua-Infused Makeup Removing water. This is $35.00 sorcery at its purest form. How does it do it?! Scientists may never know (OK, obviously NARS knows—in fact, the waters uses micellar technology to lift dirt and oil like a magnet, along with kiwi and coconut waters for major hydration), but all I know is it works like a charm and I’ll defiantly continue using it till the last drop. #LazyGirl

eclipse.jpgFirst of all, I adore the concept behind this 99-percent natural and 100-percent cruelty-free brand. Rituel de Fillewas founded by three sisters who approach makeup like they’re making potions by taking inspiration from the often-forgotten magical properties of natural ingredients. People have been raving about the intensity of their colors, and finally, I can vouch for it too! I opted for the Fille Inner Glow Crème Pigment in Eclipse. This is said to be an all-in-one pot of pigment to give your eyes, cheeks and lips a flush of color. There are only 4 places in Ontario that are currently selling Rituel de Fille so I chose to order mine online directly from their website for $29.00 Using my index and middle fingers, I only had to gently dab the pigment on my cheeks a few times to see the wine/berry hue come through and it lasted for most of the day. I also really loved the buttery texture of it and it didn’t cause any breakouts. My only negative is this is predominantly a cheek product in my mind. On my lips, it didn’t last past my morning tea and I didn’t really love it on my eyes.

kat von d

Me: Oh, I don’t need anymore lipsticks or glosses.

Kat Von D: We have new liquid lipsticks and are donating 20% from each purchase to Farm Sanctuary.

* Runs to the laptop and opens then stalks the mailbox.

Kat Von D‘s lip game has always been strong in my opinion and I keep a few in my rotation. There are 4 shades in the Farm Sanctuary Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line. (Julia which is a peachy pink, Hilda which is a terracotta, Thumbelina which is a warm scarlet and Bruno which is a midnight blue) Each of the names of the shades have a story behind them and are animals are the Farm Sanctuary which just pulls on my heart strings. (Bruno is a cow that Farm Sanctuary rehabilitated after he fell out of a speeding truck. Julia is a pig who was rescued from abuse at a factory farm. Hilda the sheep was the very first animal to arrive at Farm Sanctuary. Thumbelina the chicken was saved from a trucking crate that tumbled onto the highway during transit) The products themselves are wonderful although I didn’t purchase Bruno (sorry buddy!) because I can’t rock a blue lip even if I wanted to. The formula is free of parabens and enhanced with vitamin E and sunflower seed wax to prevent that awkward matte dryness. They are available ONLINE ONLY right now at Sephorafor $24.00 each and will be in stores sometime in January 2018.

paul and joeLately I have been flip-flopping between brightening moisturizers and traditional primers. Traditional primers have always had a soft spot in my heart but I can appreciate the glowing base from a brightening moisturizer. I have been playing around with the Paul & Joeproduct Sparkling Foundation Primer 001 Champagne which is $38.80 and I have to say it provides the prettiest hint of sparkle across my complexion and lasts all day. With my matte foundations, it had a subtle dewy touch which I really enjoyed. Sadly, I don’t think that this is a product I am going to repurchase because it has such an overpowering chemical scent that I just cannot get past. I didn’t notice any irritation on my face but the smell turned me off.

This is all the fun I have been having lately! I am going to do a serious clean up of my drawers soon as I get ready to pack for Mexico so you’ll be seeing more of my keeps and ditches soon!

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear your feedback on them if you have or if they are on your list to try. Just because I really like to dislike a product – doesn’t mean it can’t be the next best thing for someone else and it doesn’t mean I don’t like the brand either. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose!



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