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My no resolution resolution.

HOLA from Mexico!

For those of you reading this that celebrate Christmas, I hope you had the most amazing day yesterday and Merry (belated) Christmas!

My boyfriend and I spent Christmas on the beach drinking tequila… it was great, I’m not going to even lie to you!

mexico 1

This will be the last post of 2017 😦

I just wanted to wish you all a fantastic holiday season and know that I am sending nothing but good vibes out to you for 2018!

2017 was a really big year for me for a lot of reasons, big and small. My boyfriend, Pug and I moved out of the city and into our new suburban home, I up and quit my job that I was at for the last 5.5 years to pursue a new opportunity, I traded in my old wheels of my very first car for a new SUV and I started!  2017 was extremely interesting and I hope that I haven’t used up all my good fortune and that there are still great things in store for 2018!

As many of you will be breaking out a pen and paper this week to start making your resolutions list for 2018, I thought I would share mine with you. I only have one…kind of.

mexico 6

In the spring of 2012 my life got a little rocked and turned upside down for a hot minute. Up until then, I thought I had a life-map to follow. I thought I needed to have this done by this time in my life so that this can happen because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I realized in a moment of clarity, this is my life… it belongs to me and not anyone else. I am the only person who can make decisions about myself and do the things that make me happy and not do the things I didn’t want to do.

As December of 2012 threatened to turn into January of 2013, I made a promise to myself. I made the last New Years’ resolution I was ever going to make. I committed to myself that I would not set anymore resolutions for the upcoming year. And the year after that. And the year after that. You see where I am going with this?

This may sound completely crazy and it may likely go against everything you have been told, I get that! If you MUST make a resolution this year, make it this: give up wanting anything to happen in the New Year. And if you MUST set a goal, set a goal to make no goals. Embrace the New Year with zero pressure and remain open to the possibility of your potential, receptive to change and ready to show compassion to yourself for your shortcomings. The reality is that there is no point in setting the same resolutions you’ve been setting for years on end, only to feel disappointed and down on yourself.

Albert Einstein said it right when he said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Consider for a moment why you haven’t lost that weight, why you didn’t change your job or why you didn’t tackle that home renovation this year. Maybe, you didn’t actually really want to, or maybe you were busy thinking about it that you didn’t have the time to actually do it.

mexico 7

This is the year to make a real change. It is time to take stock of where you are and what you really want out of life and stop doing what others expect you to do or what you think might make you seem or feel more successful or appealing.

How about, this year you allow yourself to be you! Do you girl! Stop putting the heavy pressure and expectations on yourself and allow yourself that time and freedom to be present in situations, be open to adventure.

It doesn’t seem like a big resolution, but in fact is it absolutely massive! The moment you choose to stop putting pressure on yourself to undertake resolutions that you aren’t 100% committed to or don’t even really want, is the moment you allow yourself that chance to breath. In my option, that is what a New Year should bring – a feeling of release, a feeling of newness and a feeling of being free.

Of course, there is always room for improvement in life, and yes, goal-setting can be a positive activity. However, if you feel short-changed by your efforts and rewards, then maybe it’s time you stopped forcing yourself, stopped making empty promises to a stranger, stopped living through the expectation of others and instead make friends with yourself and that wonderful being that you are!

Empty your glass and dance into this New Year without baggage from the last. If it feeds you soul, do it! If it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning with a smile, carry on! Let positive vibes and energy give you the clarity to move forward and be comfortable with who you are.

Enjoy the last few days of 2017!

See you all next year!



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