W.T.F – Shake & Shot?

I have been sitting in front of my screen for maybe 6-8 minutes now trying to find the words to explain this to you… this product is so creepy but fascinating at the same time.

Recently Sephora launched the DR JART+ line of Shake & Shot Rubber Masks. There are 4 masks available right now – hydrating, brightening, firming and soothing. Each mask is $15.00 and I only purchased the hydrating mask this weekend to test out before committing to testing the whole line.

To be completely honest, my first reaction was pure confusion and I was mildly disturbed by the packaging… it’s designed to look either like a child’s sippy cup or possibly a protein shaker and the top I’m pretty sure is a baby’s face with a straw in it’s mouth…?

top of mask

Once I came to terms with the odd packaging I moved right onto the actual product. You’ll need to remove the “straw” from the baby’s mouth and inside the container is a spatula and 2 packages – labeled STEP 1 and STEP 2. Combining the 2 packages together in the cup wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be so I certainly appreciated that. Once both packages are emptied into the cup, seal the lid back on and cover the baby’s mouth with your finger while shaking the cup (seriously.. this is so weird!!) Once it is mixed, grab your spatula and start going to town on your face! There is A LOT of product in here and you cannot reuse it so you’ll need to apply a really thick layer on your face.

side bottle

After about 20 minutes you can peel this right off your face – it will have a rubbery texture to it!  I have to admit… as completely unnerving as this product is, I’m kinda sorta loving it! My face felt so amazing after and I really could notice an immediate difference.

Have you tried these bizarre masks yet? Are you going to? I would love to hear your feedback so I don’t feel completely alone with this unusual product!

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