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Having an “off” day.

Let’s face it,–  off days happen to us all. Heck, lately I’ve been having more OFF days than I’ve had ON days if I’m being honest. Everything from bad moods, exhaustion, hormones, or something completely silly can make a normal day go meh, am I right?? I think the biggest culprit for me is not getting enough sleep and then that starts to snowball into other things too. But whatever the case and whatever you call them – meh, off, blah days are bound to happen for all of us.

Whether you’re having one today or run into one in the future, I’ve got you covered on what to do – so bookmark this post for the future too! Have you noticed I’ve been really getting into these list-style blog posts lately? What do you think? Do you have any topics you’d like me to cover? Coming up with new ideas is fun but sometimes hard, so I’m open to all sorts of suggestions if you’ve got any ideas!

But let’s get right into tacking those days, shall we? Below you’ll find a list of 10 things I find helpful when trying to get through these types of days.

Accept it.

Yes, this blog is a list of ways to help cope with a meh day, but the first step is to accept it. Understand that bad days happen and sometimes you’re simply having an off one. Don’t beat yourself up or try to figure life out on these days – simply understand that not every day is an easy one. When I have had a day like this, I usually call my boyfriend on my way home and tell him “it is not a good day” and we talk about it a little but that one line is more of a warning… leave me in peace when I get home and sorry in advance.

Get in alone time.

A lot of times when I’m grumpy or having a bad day, I know I need to just lock myself in my room and be. Sitting with my thoughts – and not going off on someone just because they are in my path – can help me work through my feelings. It also gives me an opportunity to slow down and focus on what I need. I will usually pick up a book and spend some time getting lost in the life of someone other than myself for while before I am ready to come back to mine.

reading in bed

Practice gratitude.

This is helpful in a slap-in-the-face kinda way. I’m beyond blessed and though I know that, it’s easy to get wrapped up in life and forget. I like to think of things I’m grateful for and the good things in my life and almost guilt myself into snapping out of this funk.

Go for a walk in the sun.

Exercise gives you endorphins and Vitamin D helps with happiness, so I love this combo when I’m feeling blah. A surprising number of adults actually have a Vitamin D deficiency too, so your body might actually be craving some sun. I tend to grab pug and my headphones and head out for a long walk on these days to clear my head and put myself back on a good path.


Plan out tomorrow.

Start looking forward! Use your favorite scheduling app or your agenda and fill tomorrow in with at least one thing that you’re really looking forward to. Even if you’re not up for doing anything today, you’ll at least know that tomorrow is a fresh start and an opportunity for a good day.

Cuddle up.

A warm touch is known to help when moods are down but sometimes being with another person is the last thing I want – just being honest here! Throw your blanket in the dryer to warm it up and wrap it around you with some tea…or wine…for a brainless Netflix binge. You can also cuddle an actual human (or animal!) if that’s your thing.

Chill out.

Stock up on a few scented candles or aromatherapy and have yourself a serious chill moment. Peppermint oil helps with calming and stress relief while citrus notes help to energize, so choose depending on what you need.

Pick up flowers.

Buy some flowers as an act of self-love but also to brighten your space for the next few days. They’ve also been proven to improve  moods so place them on your bed side table to be the first thing you see when you wake up – hiii good morning mood!


Call someone you love.

I usually call my mom or my grandmother if I’m down, and it always helps. Let them know you’re feeling blah – sometimes it’s helpful to just hear them talk about their life, and sometimes a full vent sesh is needed.

Sleep it off.

When all else fails, go to bed or take a nap. Lack of sleep can seriously wreck havoc on moods, let alone lead to anxiety and stress. If you just can’t get out of a funk, try to let your body rest.

bed toes

Feeling better already?? Make sure to come back to this list whenever you need a boost! What’s your favorite way to deal with a funky, meh day?

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7 thoughts on “Having an “off” day.

  1. I normally head for sleep if everything is too much, though going for a walk is so under rated!! fml I’ve more than the odd off day too, more like an off 2 weeks lol x x

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