Who are you?

Week after week I share my life with you. I put my thoughts on display and open the door to your comments, feedback and suggestions. I confess my secrets to you. I display my style and talk about the things I love and the things I hate with you. I even invite you into my kitchen and share my recipes with you.

It dawned on me that you know these things about me, but I don’t know much about you. I can see the stats and I know where in the world you are from and how you ended up at my blog but I don’t know you.

I thought it would be fun to do something a little different today. I want to build a community with you and a place where everyone like minded can come and express themselves and get to know each other. There is so much negativity out there, I want this blog to be a really safe and encouraging place for everyone.

That being said, lets play a game!

I’ll share three personal truths and one lie with you and I would love for you to do the same and we can guess what are the truths and which is the lie! I read all my comments so please leave one with your own three truths and a lie.

Here we go….

1. I have never successfully solved a Rubik’s Cube

2. I can speak French fluently

3. I have never eaten a Big Mac

4. I have read the newspaper while floating in the Dead Sea

Which one of those is the lie?

I am really looking forward to hearing what you think and picking out your lie!

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