A quick mixology lesson – St. Patrick’s Day edition.

If you really want to impress your friends this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day with your sudden refined mixology skills, the Irish Flag should do just that.

I would recommend making this if you’re having a party at your house or a friends, or before heading to the bar. I don’t suggest going to a jam-packed bar on St. Patrick’s Day and asking the bartender who is swamped to stop and make you a round of layered shots. They’ll do it but you’ll likely get ignored for the rest of the night. Sorry, but it’s true.

If you have never made a layered shot before – don’t panic!! It is not as hard as it looks. To achieve this perfectly, you will require some steady hands and practice to pull it off BUT the good news is – it doesn’t need to be perfect and the weight/density of the different liquids will settle out and fall into the right order (just don’t flip a bottle and pour right into the shotglass or all hope is forever gone!)

irish flag

The Irish Flag shot is meant to resemble just that… the Irish Flag! Green creme de menthe on the bottom, Baileys Irish Cream in the middle  and Grand Marnier on the top.

Here is what you will need:

1 part Greene creme de menthe

1 part Baileys Irish cream

1 part Grand Marnier

You will also need shot glasses and a spoon. Preferably a mixing / bar spoon if you have one (usually comes included in a bar or martini set) but any teaspoon will do the trick. Also, it is not needed but makes things easier for a beginner to control the flow if you have pour spouts on your bottles.

Here is what you will need to do:

Fill a 1/3 of a shot glass with Green creme de menthe. Try not to hit the insides of the glass walls while doing so but it’s not the end of the world if you do.

irish flag 1

Gently rest the spoon right at the top line of the creme de menth and slowly pour the next 1/3 with Baileys. As the liquid raises, move your spoon ever so slightly so you are always pouring onto the spoon and not the liquid.

Repeat the step above with Grand Marnier this time.

irish flag 2

I would love love love to see a photo of your Irish Flag if you make them this weekend! Layered shots are tricky to master but once you get it down pat – it’s a great little party trick to keep in your back pocket.

For a really helpful video for first timers when it comes to laying shots, check out ThePrenti on YouTube.

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