How to save money at Sephora. This is not a drill.

I’ve never met a Sephora that I didn’t want to at least browse in. But browsing always turns to sampling and sampling turns to purchasing and—bibbidi-bobbidi-boo —I just accidentally blew my paycheck on beauty nice-to-haves versus need-to-haves. Oops. Since I tend to learn things the hard way – I’ve done the ground work for you on this topic and I’ve come up with a few little tips and hacks to save you money when the call comes of Sephora.

Become a Beauty VIB.

That $50 moisturizer and $28 mascara you replace five times a year really add up quickly—that’s good news…wait for it, I am not kidding… see, if you spend $350 annually at Sephora, you automatically assume VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) status. And since you have to spend money to save money, this grants you access to a number of Sephora perks—like 10-percent-off coupons, monthly gifts and free beauty classes (like how to perfect your blowout, huzzah!).


Shop on Saturdays for Special Offers.

Yep, Saturday tends to be the day when individual brands host events and various activities, which means there are often special promotions, samples and free gifts with purchase involved. As for the weekend crowds? Get there early and the lines shouldn’t be too long…yet.

…Or Hold Out Until April and November.

Twice a year, Sephora goes big with a flash sale—to the tune of 10 to 20 percent off. Proof holding out to upgrade your hair iron really does pay off.


Get Free Two-Day Shipping with Sephora Flash.

So you do the bulk of your beauty shopping on I get it and I’m right there with you – who needs those aforementioned crowds? For just $10 a year, you can get all the beauty products you want delivered to your door within two days, free of charge (and no minimum purchase required). Even more helpful, if you need something overnight, Sephora Flash members can get it shipped for just $5.95.

And Don’t Forget to Take a Peek at Sephora’s Weekly Deals.

Speaking of shopping online, it never hurts to hop over to the Weekly Wow—a smattering of discounted items that week. Don’t be surprised to see major brands in the mix (everything from Fresh to Urban Decay) for as much as 50 percent off.

Never Ever Forget About the Free Samples.

The unofficial Sephora rule is that you’re actually allowed up to three free samples from every single beauty category at Sephora. This means that you can walk out the door with three different foundations, moisturizers, shampoos, even lip glosses all in one trip. Sure, the samples will only last you a couple of days (at most), but it’s an easy way to pinch pennies every now and again. Plus you can test out products before committing to a large purchase.


Be sure to thank me later in the comment section 🙂

The April sale date hasn’t been posted yet but I am on standby to clear my calendar. See you at the sale, will likely be the middle of April. What is on your list to pick up there this year?

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