When to use which types of shampoo.

You know that one physical feature that you won’t always admit out loud that you love it and are very proud of it? For me, that is my hair. I have always actually loved my hair and I secretly love being complimented on it also! Since I have always had long hair that means I have to go the extra mile to take care of it.

My hair care obsession started years ago when I heard about purple shampoo for the first time, or saw it I should say! Because I’m always curious, I picked it up and read what the heck it does for your hair. Turns out, it helps brighten blonde hair and takes brass out of highlighted or lightly-colored hair. Who knew?! Well, this got me thinking about all the different types of shampoos out there. I mean, have you ever stopped and looked at the shampoo aisle? THERE’S SO MUCH.

I’ll admit it, I used to just reach for whatever I liked the smell of and would use that until I got sick of it and moved onto the next scent. It wasn’t until I started coloring my hair again as an adult that I realized I probably wasn’t utilizing the benefits of different types of shampoos. Over the last few years I have not only learned SO much about shampoo, but I have become a master at stocking my own shower. I change my hair up so often and I’m always switching out my blonde shades so it has taken me a while to perfect my shampoo routine and find out what works and what doesn’t work for me.

Since I secretly love talking about my hair, I thought I would share my secrets with you and some of what I have found works for me.

bobby pins.jpg

Purple Shampoo

My natural hair is a very dark brown but I have a ton of different blondes in it at any given time and I work really hard to prevent that blonde from turning brassy. I have used so many different types of purple shampoos but my all time favorite right now is the Daddy-O from Lush  This stuff was amazing! I usually end up leaving it in my hair for a few minutes to let it sink in two of three times a week, although you could use it daily if you wanted to. With this, my highlights look cooler and just brighter (but not brassy). If you lighten your hair at all, I’d highly recommend!

daddy o.jpg

Clarifying Shampoo

They’re a really good idea, don’t over look them! Especially if you tend to get build up, whether from lots of products (like me!) or have oily hair. Using a clarifying shampoo a few times a month essentially gets rid of buildup and leaves your hair super clean. Definitely don’t use it too often though, as they can dry out your hair and scalp if used too much, and make color fade. Also, if you have fine or thin hair, clarifying shampoo is known to add a little extra volume, so if you have a special occasion or need your hair to really be on point, reach for this shampoo in the shower. I would put my life in DryBar’s hands when it comes to their products and I am so obsessed with the On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal shampoo and conditioner.

on the rocks.jpg

Color Protecting / Sulfate-Free Shampoo

This is something I have always used (well, since coloring my hair), and if you color yours and don’t use something like this, get on board now! While there are mixed reviews scientifically, I always found my color to last better and longer if I’m regularly using one of these shampoos. I personally really like the Color Minded by Bumble and Bumble right now and have been using it the last little while. Since it’s super mild, sulfate free and won’t strip color as fast, I’m liking it. Sulfate free is also gentler on your skin, so if you have a sensitive scalp or eczema, more reason to start using one.


Frizz Fighting Shampoo

I’m pretty sure we all think our hair is somewhat frizzy, but these types of shampoos should really only be used when frizz is serious and completely out of control. Otherwise, especially if you have naturally oily or flat hair, these shampoos will weigh down your hair even more. Instead, use an oil on your ends after you style or round brush to eliminate frizz while using the right shampoo. If your hair truly is frizzy, find a shampoo that gently cleanses without roughing up the cuticles (and leading to frizz). I’ve heard great things about Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny.

Clear Shampoo

If your hair is fine, stick to a clear shampoo on the regular, as the creamy versions are usually made for curlier or thicker hair and can lead to build up in fine hair. Just a quick tip a hair stylist told me once and I wanted to include! I asked a friend with fine hair and she loves Pantene’s Sheer Volume Shampoo for adding volume without getting all the buildup.

There are obviously a bunch of other shampoos that are pretty obvious when to use and why, but I wanted to touch on these 5 above since they aren’t as generic. I prefer to switch up my shampoos every wash, and though I don’t think that’s necessary, my hair seems to be retaining the specific benefits of each. And, the purple and clarifying have been life-changing additions and I strongly encourage you to give them a try if you haven’t already!

I’d love to hear from you and find out what type of shampoo(s) you use and if there are any specific ones I should try! Lets chat about it either in the comment section or on Instagram



3 thoughts on “When to use which types of shampoo.

  1. Great article! My hair happens to be a bane of my existence since is super fine and turns oily very quickly. I even tried the ‘no poo’ (as in ‘no shampoo, only using herbs to wash) thing but it didn’t quite work for me. May I ask how often you wash your gorgeous hair?

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    1. Thank you!
      Oh no! Do you condition your scalp? I’ve heard that if you have thin and oil prone hair you should try and avoid using conditioner on your scalp as it will trap oil and make your hair appear oilier.
      I am not proud to admit it because I know it isn’t the best thing to do but I tend to shampoo and condition my hair daily. I switch up the shampoos and conditioners every wash (I have about 3 different ones on the go at all times) and will occasionally skip a day but my hair tends to knot VERY easily if I don’t wash it daily.

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