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The single girl guide to weddings.

Ok girls, let’s just address the elephant in the room and get it all on the table. WEDDING SEASON. It’s almost here and fridges worldwide are filling up with invites. First, I just want to say that weddings are SO much fun and I absolutely love celebrating with my friends and family, or whoever it is that’s tying the knot. BUT For the single folks, it can feel a touch stressful and even awkward to go to weddings alone.

Now that I put that out there, I wanted to put some serious thought into writing a post about how to survive all those weddings SOLO – whether that means without your boyfriend or girlfriend being invited or available or when you actually don’t know any of the guests. These are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up from speaking with my single girls out there, but I also want to know about all YOUR experiences, too, so please share! I’ve never gone to a wedding solo but I do find these tips can also be applied when you don’t know anyone at your assigned table and want to avoid the awkward silence.

wedding this way


If you do happen to know someone else going to the wedding, suggest carpooling or grabbing them in an Uber. Maybe you can grab a drink before the ceremony too, as a way to kinda get a relationship/conversation evolving before the ceremony (where you usually have to be pretty quiet). Going with other people will definitely ease a bit of your anxiety.

Sit in the middle of the row.

If you find that you don’t know any of the other guests at the wedding (which is probably pretty rare), take a seat in the middle of the ceremony. Introduce yourself to the people who are sitting besides you, and they’ll likely catch on that you’re alone and be nice people and include you. Much better than closing yourself off to the edge or very back of the row.

Don’t stress.

In situations like weddings, it’s really important to just let any uncomfortable feelings settle and to remember that NO ONE is as concerned with you as you are. Remember that no one thinks you’re that awkward or single person (and if they do, WHO CARES), and you’re likely freaking yourself out for nothing.

come as you are

Don’t be awkward.

This seems obvious, but the truth is, it’s so much harder to do than you think! Being socially awkward is like second nature to me, so heading into a wedding reception alone, I would probably need to hype myself up to be ready to make conversation with strangers. It’s basically networking, but way more relaxed. You have something in common: the bride or groom, and you can have wine.

Hopefully you’ll know at least a few other people, which always helps, but you don’t want to just attach yourself to that one person the whole night. Don’t be afraid to cut loose a little bit and get to know people. Chances are everyone will be friendly and won’t mind meeting someone new.

Put your phone away.

This kind of goes along with not being awkward. When you’re at a wedding reception, the vibe is going to be FUN, so if you’re sitting at a table…alone…scrolling through Instagram, that’s just going to kill the mood. Go into it keeping your phone in your purse (even on airplane mode!) with the thought that you’re there to mingle and have a good time!

Ask questions.

People are always more comfortable talking about themselves, so if you’re flying solo, chat up your table and ask questions about the other guests – or their relationship with the bride and groom. Share your favorite story about the bride or groom, and then people may do the same.

Consider a +1.

Even if you aren’t coupled up, if you get a +1 on your invite, just bring a friend! Find a guy who you know you’ll have fun with – a first date isn’t the best idea here – even if that’s just your friend or brother! It’ll make the night easier on you, and you are still open to meeting others there.



OK, so I’m comfortable with dancing, so I know this is easier for me than some, but it’s a really good way to survive the night. Of course you don’t need to force yourself out there for every song, but when the dance floor is busy, everyone’s just kinda dancing as a group anyways. The DJ usually plays all the group dances like The Cupid Shuffle or the Electric Slide which is a good place to start, then just stay out there. Even if this is outside your comfort zone, DO IT! The night is really going to be what you make of it, so get out on the dance floor and bust a move! Plus, this will give you the opportunity to meet other guests and show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. AND the bride and groom will probably be out there too!

Limit the booze.

I know it’s tempting to kinda drink the awkwardness away, and a glass or two is definitely needed, but you don’t want to be that drunk girl at the party – ever. Have a couple glasses of champagne, but don’t use it as a crutch the whole night – you’ll regret it.

Remember why you’re there.

This is an important one. Instead of worrying about yourself, focus on being there for your friend that’s getting married and who wanted you to share in that day with them. It’s only one day (or really just a couple hours) of your life and it’ll be over before you know it. No matter how awkward you might feel, it’s important to show up and be willing to embrace the situation for your sweet friend.

Have you been to a wedding alone and have any other tips? I would love to hear your tricks and stories in the comment section below or on Instagram.

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Happy Wedding Season!



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