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Dark Chocolate & Red Wine Truffles.

Do you know what rhymes with Friday? WINE.

Another fun fact for you, a small container of indulgent, velvety smooth, and deadly dark chocolate truffles is not as easy to forget about in one’s refrigerator as one might suspect, no matter how carefully one hides it.

It also turns out that, when those dark chocolate truffles are spiked with lush Cabernet, they might as well be doing a freakin’ tap dance and singing karaoke—forget about forgetting them.

truffles 1

They’re rich. They’re romantic. They’re naughty enough to be exciting, but not so naughty that I don’t feel like a lady at the end of the night. My perfect date.

Making homemade truffles is as simple as melt, stir, roll, with a little chill time in between. Honestly, it’s a little dangerous having this kind of power.

The finished wine truffles are indulgent, addictive, and sure to win the affection of whomever takes a taste. Strike that: it’s exceedingly dangerous having this kind of power.

truffles 2

While the cocoa dust on the outside is optional, after testing a few batches, I became convinced that life would be better if more things were dusted in chocolate. Simple enough conclusion. I like the balance of bitterness that the cocoa provides, but if you are looking for something sweeter or extra festive, rolling them in sprinkles would be fun and cute also.

truffles 3.jpg

Here is what you will need:

♥ 8oz bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate – roughly chopped

1/2 cup of heavy cream

4 tablespoons of dry red wine (I use a Cabernet Sauvigon)

2 teaspoons of powered sugar

1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon of espresso powder

cocoa power for dusting

truffles 4.jpg

Here is what you will need to do:

♥ In a large mixing bowl, place the chopped chocolate and set aside.

Heat the cream in a small saucepan over medium high heat until it boils. Pour the hot cream directly into the bowl with the chopped chocolate and add the wine, powdered sugar, vanilla and espresso powder.

Gently whisk the mixture together until chocolate is smooth and melted. If the chocolate does not melt completly, plae it over a saucepan of simmering water and stir until it melt all the way. Cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator to set for 1-2 hours.

Line a baking sheet with parchment or waxed paper and dust cocoa powder into a wide plate or pie dish. With a small scoop (you can use a melon baller or spoon also) scool chocolate and form into a small ball. Roll the ball into the cocoa power and place  the baking sheet.

Refrigerate truffles for 30 additional minutes to set.

Serve slightly chilled or at room temperature.


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