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Excuses. Excuses. We are all human and we all make them, probably on a daily basis. But, there are some excuses in life that you and I and everyone NEED to stop making. Today I want to talk about the top 6 excuses we need to stop making NOW!

I don’t have enough time: This to me is the one I feel like I say the most and the one I hear the most from others. It is really easily applied in any situation without even thinking about it. From exercising to meal prepping to attending a book club. Listen, we all have busy lives. It’s not so much a matter of not having time, but prioritizing the time we do have. Do you spend 3 hours a day scrolling through your Instagram feed? Could that be used to do something else? Could you do your laundry on a weekend so you can make it to that Wednesday night yoga class?

I’m not a morning person: Umm listen, neither am I! In fact I think my boyfriend may be one of the only true morning people that exist in this world! Even if you aren’t a morning person just be positive about how much you COULD get done! If you feel like you’re strapped for time during the day, maybe some of that time could be found in the morning?

I don’t have anyone to go with: So…. go alone? Go see that new movie, make a reservation for 1 at that new restaurant! Shopping? For sure go alone but if you’re unsure of a purchase, snap a photo to your BFF before purchasing it. There is NOTHING I can think of you can’t do alone!

I don’t know where to start: If everyone who is anyone said that and went by it, where would our world be? If you don’t know where to start, start by asking for help. Go online and do some research. Get a mentor. Talk it out with friends or loved ones. But start!

I wouldn’t be any good at it: I hate when I hear people say this. Of course there are things that some of us are just better at than others, but you will never know if you don’t try. So take that negative self talk and kick it to the curb! You got this!

Oh I can’t pull that off: This is me all the time. I see something cute or that I love but think  “nah I can’t pull that off” and I keep walking. Still, try it! Whats the worst that happens? You really can’t pull it off?  But darling, that’s what dressing rooms and return policies are for!

What is one excuse you NEED to stop making?

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