Fake it until you make it.

Summer is upon us and I don’t know about you, but my body could use a little more color! I’ve always been green with envy of my friends whose skin is as fair as snow and my other friends who have gorgeous dark or caramel-y skin. I on the other hand, fall somewhere in the middle. My skin tans easily, but I don’t want it to all the time because I’m worried about ageing and I have a love-hate thing with my freckles which quadrupedal after being in the sun. But I personally feel more comfortable in shorts and dresses if I’m a little tanner (and in my mind, it helps hide my cellulite too!). So these are my favorites in three categories of tanners: Gradual Tanners, Instant Tanners and Self Tanners.


GRADUAL TAN: This option is my personal preference because I find it looks the most natural. However, it takes at least a few days and generally looks the best after a week of daily application, so this option needs patience. If you’r willing to wait a few days,  it’s also great because I don’t find it streaks like self-tanners and instant tanners can. And I love that they don’t usually leave you with a funky smell like some others. My favorites are:

INSTANT TAN: I really only use this option if I find myself in a pinch for time for a last minute event and wanting a little extra glow. Although, I do also use the waterproof ones from time to time when I’m at a pool party or a function early in the summer and want to mask my pasty white legs. These are my favorites:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body — This little babe is pricey but I find it looks gorgeous on all skin tones, but it only makes pale or light skin look tanner, for everyone else, it doesn’t darken their skin tone but makes it look incredible. It highlights and firms and was created by the incomparable makeup artist after years of fashion’s biggest shows and campaigns.
  • Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube Sunless Tanning Lotion with Instant Bronzer — This miracle potion instantly bronzes while it gradually tans. It’s the bomb. Nothing more to say. It is really hard to find sometimes but you can occasionally find it in stock at Sephora or on Amazon, if you see it  -buy it fast!
  • Rimmel London Sunshimmer Water Resistant Instant Tan — I love this one for two reasons. It comes in shimmer or matte. And it’s water-resistant so you can rock it a pool party!

SELF TAN: Self tanners are for the dedicated and devoted. I am not one of them because I’m lazy about prepping and have found gradual tanners work better with my personality type. But these are the ones that I’ve find score the highest in my testing criteria (not orange-y, not too stinky, not streaky):

  • Kate Somerville Tanning Towlettes — I love these because they’re really easy to use and you can control the evenness because it’s so thin in consistency and conveniently on a towlette that you literally only have to wipe all over. Genius.
  • Kiehl’s Since 1951 Self-Tanning Lotion For Face and Body — This one is awesome because it absorbs quickly, smells nice, can also be used on the face and isn’t greasy.
  • Clarins Self Tanning Milk — This is an all-time favorite and a bestseller because it is milk-like in consistency so it applies evenly. It’s also hydrating and has SPF 6 in case you’re wearing it outdoors. I’ve personally never applied it to my face but I have some friends who do and love it.

Have you ever used a self tanner? If so, is it on my list? I’d love to hear which ones you love and any that you just hate!

Stay safe and beautiful in the sun!

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