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Books are the lives we don’t have time to live.

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Happy Friday dolls!!

You know I don’t usually post on Friday’s but I am so excited about this that I broke my rule and I’m making an exception!!

I am so pumped to be sharing this with you right now!

I have been working with a group of amazing #BossBabes from all over the world to put together a HUGE book exchange and I really hope you will participate and be as excited as I am!

This is so simple and you can join in from ANYWHERE!!

All you need to do is:

1. Send me a DM on Instagram letting me know you want to participate.

2. Purchase your favorite book – you only need to purchase ONE book, ONE time.

3. Pop it in the mail to a complete stranger. (It won’t be a total stranger because I will have their information and provide you with the mailing address)

This is such a good way to head into the weekend!!

I can’t wait to start reading my new books!!

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