Fake it until you make it.

Summer is upon us and I don’t know about you, but my body could use a little more color! I’ve always been green with envy of my friends whose skin is as fair as snow and my other friends who have gorgeous dark or caramel-y skin. I on the other hand, fall somewhere in the middle. My skin tans easily, but I don’t want it to all the time because I’m worried about ageing and I have a love-hate thing with my freckles which quadrupedal after being in the sun. But I personally feel more comfortable in shorts and dresses if I’m a little tanner (and in my mind, it helps hide my cellulite too!). So these are my favorites in three categories of tanners: Gradual Tanners, Instant Tanners and Self Tanners.


GRADUAL TAN: This option is my personal preference because I find it looks the most natural. However, it takes at least a few days and generally looks the best after a week of daily application, so this option needs patience. If you’r willing to wait a few days,  it’s also great because I don’t find it streaks like self-tanners and instant tanners can. And I love that they don’t usually leave you with a funky smell like some others. My favorites are:

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June loves.

I have a confession.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed by it but it’s not it’s not that I’m proud of it either. And, I think I’m not alone on this but the truth is, I can’t stay away from retail. There are too many cute items just sitting on a rack out there waiting to be loved by someone so why shouldn’t that someone be me?

My boyfriend doesn’t understand it. Whenever I say I’m going out shopping he rolls his eyes at me and asks “what do you need now?” and my answer is always the same; “I don’t know babe, I’m not there yet”.

So, since I can’t share my exciting purchases with him I thought I would share them with you instead; the people out there who get me!

I know I am a little late seeing that is it already July but here is a round up of my favorite June purchases that I can’t wait to flaunt this summer!

levis lilacI am a super fan when it comes to the Levi’s 501 shorts. I have way too many pairs than I’m comfortable counting and sharing with you. Buuuut, until recently I didn’t have them in lilac so obviously, I needed them. Plus, right now they’re on sale at  Hudson’s Bay for $47.97 (60% off!!) If you don’t already own a pair of 501 shorts – what are you waiting for?

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Real Talk

Feeling pressure to be perfect.

I’ve put pressure on myself my entire life. I don’t really know where it comes from or why I’m like this, but I’ve just always had really high standards for myself – in all areas of life. Maybe it is because I’m the oldest child and that’s pretty common among first-born children? (#FirstChildAllTheWay) Maybe it’s my genetics? Or Maybe it’s my way of subconsciously pushing myself to be my best? I’m not totally sure.

But one thing’s for sure, I feel it, and I bet a lot of you do also! Whenever I bring up perfectionism on Instagrammy DMs blow up with people relating and wanting to hear MORE about it. So you know what that means – I did some digging into perfectionism and why we feel that way. And even more exciting, I studied how to overcome it.

I’ll be sharing the HOW part soon So be sure to come back then! But, let’s take things step-by-step. Today is the first step – figuring out if you feel that pressure. Or, I really just wanted to get a conversation going here about what it looks like to feel it to have this pressure hovering over you. Because, maybe you do, but you don’t realize it? I know that’s my story. I didn’t realize or accept that I was a perfectionist for the longest time. It’s become pretty clear to me though recently– I’m so #guilty. These 15 signs I’m sharing below will help you identify if that’s what’s holding you back as well.

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