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I made a Wish.

I often get DMs asking about affordable shopping or sale alerts and ladies, I HEAR YOU and I GOT YOU!

There is a good chance you have heard about previously – they likely show up as advertisements on your Instagram or Facebook pages. A t-shirt for $4.00? A dress for $9.00? I, being a total sucker for marketing gave into this and for the past couple months I have been opening package after package full of goodies. Not everything has been a goodie but there are defiantly some quality pieces that can be found on Wish!

Before you go crazy,  I should warn you of one little thing I missed the first few times I checked out. Pay attention to the shipping costs!!! If you purchase the same item in a few colors or sizes, you will get changed the shipping fee on each item not each order. Also, one trick that I learnt is if you close the app while there are items in your shopping cart still, you will often get a notification a few moments later offering you between 5-10% off if you check out now.

The items below have been washed and warn a few times each so I could see how they hold up and they have all passed my test! I’ve linked the pictures for you also in case you want to purchase them. Please know I am not affiliated with Wish at all, I am just sharing some of my finds because I love you and sharing is caring! Also, I have purchased a lot more that the items below but these are my favs! If there is something you’re looking at and want to know if I have it and if I would recommend it, by all means send me a DM anytime! There are a bunch of things I have hated and just didn’t work out for me. Would you guys want to see those also?

This was actually the very first item I ever purchased and I think because the quality was so great, this the is item that started my Wish downfall. Every time I wear this I receive so many compliments.I have it in the grey but I think I’ll order it again in the wine red for the fall. I would suggest ordering a size up or even two sizes up than you usually would and lay it flat to dry.  This is hands down a top 5 for me!

heath long sleeve

I love this floral cardigan! It can easily be dressed up for the office or you can keep it casual. I was expecting this to be a cheap material but it is actually super soft and and thick which was a pleasant surprise – it is not transparent at all! I have it in the navy and I am so happy with it!

flower cardi.jpg

This is in no way an exaggeration of any kind when I say I wear this ALL THE TIME! I surprise myself by how much I wear this! I will say 2 things about it though… the first is that the pull zip is not as big at the photo makes it out to be, it is oversized but not to the extent of the photo. The second is that I ordered a size up in this and it fits perfectly! The zipper goes all the way up so you can pick and choose where you want it if you’re wearing it to work or a night out.

black zip up

Other than my BFF E, who doesn’t love a good cold shoulder top? I can’t rave about it enough, it’s another solid Wish win for me! I do find this to be true to size also. Its a good weight material and I’ll be wearing it into fall and winter also.

cold shoulder

If you follow my Instagram stories, this top may look familiar and some of you have even asked me where it was from. This simple but adorable pineapple t-shirt has become a summer essential for me. I was nervous that ordering white, thinking it would be transparent and cheap looking but it is SOOO not. It’s a super nice and soft t-shirt material and holds up in the wash also which was great! It does not come with a knot so if you wanted to knot it, you’ll have to do it yourself.


Everything I just said above goes for this one as well! I got it in grey and love it! I love what it says and I’m a huge supporter of the message!

no place for

GAME CHANGER!!! Let me start by telling you these are FREE. (Wish does have free items from time to time where you only pay for the shipping) I didn’t have high expectations but they were free so I had to try them out! Hooked. I have tried all kinds of heel and foot protectors but they were pricey and often lost their tack. I replaced my favorite and very old nude flats with a new pair this summer and for some reason they decided to just destroy the back of my right ankle every time I put them on. I can truthfully say I am wearing them right now while I type this with these on the back and I am feeling so good and pain free! Did I mention they were FREE?

heel pads.jpg

This dress has seen its share of patios this summer already! I will warn you, there isn’t much to this dress in terms of length but based on the photo, I didn’t think there would be. I love it though, it’s super cute and summery plus I’m a sucker for strapless and cute prints! I have this in the light blue but it does also come in white also which would be really pretty!

light blue mini

At the time I bought these, they were a free item and I only paid for the delivery. Now, they are $5.00 each but I think I would still pay that. I have the pineapple and the watermelon luggage tag and I adore them! Really sturdy quality and they didn’t get much cuter than that! I’m often tempted to let my baggage do a lap around the baggage claim when it arrives just to watch everyone comment on my tags.

luggage tags

I was dead set on going to Boots & Hearts music festival this summer so I obviously needed a country music themed tank to wear! It is this weekend and sadly I’m not going but you know I’ll be sitting at home wearing this tank, my cut offs and cowboy boots all weekend pretending I was there. Throw on some Dallas Smith, Russell Dickerson, Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett and that is kinda the same right? Anyways, I love this tank, it’s a great material and so comfy! I ordered a size up so it would be a little oversized and cute with cut offs. This one is actually sold out for right now, glad I bought it when I did! If you click on it though and go to related you’ll find similar and equally cute ones!

whisky made me do it

I have to actually give this dress a break for the next little while because I have worn it everywhere. It is currently hiding in the back of my closet completely out of view so I can’t be tempted to wear it. It fits so perfectly and I love the way it moves around my body when I walk. It is the perfect length for flats or heels. I have it in black but it also comes in white, khaki, wine, navy blue, sky blue, pink and gray.

boho dress

Fall can’t come fast enough!! I legit plan on living in this hoodie from about October – March. Minus the fact that I stupidly ordered black knowing it would attract every piece of pug hair within a 5 meter radius – I love it!! I do plan on ordering this again in the beige shortly and I will likely order a size up this time. It fits well now but I would like it just a little bit bigger to snuggle up in during the cold weather.


I know I’m early on this but again, these were free items at the time so I got a head start on this years holiday decorations! I mean really, that’s saving money at it’s finest!! I’m sure these will either go back on sale or free closer to the holiday season but even at $9.00 I would buy them! They survived the wash so well and fit my couch pillows perfectly! Be aware, this is only the pillow case- not the pillow!

merry christmas

Same as above only these are now $6.00 each.

merry christmas 2.jpg

That is it right now but my Wish round up! The best advise I can give to you is read the product reviews on each item before you purchase something on Wish because I have so many items that didn’t work out at all and didn’t look anything like the pictures. The great thing about Wish is if you are unsatisfied about anything or if your package for any reason doesn’t arrive by the date they give you- let them know and they will issue a 100% refund immediately with no questions asked and you don’t need to go through any hassle to return the items, they are yours to do with as you please.

Happy shopping dolls!

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3 thoughts on “I made a Wish.

  1. Omg, I know I hate cutouts… I don’t know why or what they ever did to me to make me hate them so.. but that is a really cute shirt 👚! Still don’t think I’ll give cutots a shot though, although… this whole article is making me want to re-download Wish! I had some bad purchases early last year which made me second guess ordering again, but everything you’ve posted/I’ve seen you in.. I absolutely love! Maybe I’ll give it another shot

    Xoxo – E

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For your birthday this year, you may get a cold shoulder shirt and feel obligated to wear it!!!
      Send me anything before you buy it because there is a strong chance I already have it haha!
      You ever asked me where my heart elbow patched sweater was from LOL


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