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Join the Pack.

Pack Leash 9

I love the idea of human beings helping other human beings. It brings me so much joy and happiness and #AllTheFeels when we can come together as one and do something amazing.

However, what I love more is good, honest human beings coming together to help and create something even more amazing for those that don’t have a voice of their own. For those that feel they are unloved and unwanted. For those who are dumped and forgotten about. For those who we, as humans don’t deserve. For those who love more selflessly than anything else in the whole wide world. For our fur-babies and all the fur-babies out there.

Winston and I (I guess I can add Momager to my resume now!) have partnered up with an amazing and caring company, Pack Leashes who are doing some truly remarkable things for our best friends.

I love their products and I love their mission statement but I’m not sure which I should tell you about first…

Pack Leash 3

Pack Leases, is a US based company (they ship internationally) that hand make leads, collars and harnesses as well as their newly launched toys, collapsible bowls and doggy bag dispensers. They are PETA-Vegan approved and back each of their products by a lifetime guarantee.

What I love most from their product line are their leads. There are six different styles right now and each is handmade using dynamic climbing rope and sturdy locking carabiners. My biggest fear as a fur-mom is Winston’s lead snapping when he sees another dog across the street or when he locks eyes on a rabbit. I can honestly tell you that I  don’t have that fear when I use the Pack Leash because I know it isn’t going to give way.

The mission statement. This is my favorite part about working with Pack Leashes and why I decided to jump at the opportunity to work with them. For every single sale made, Pack Leashes donates 2lbs of dog food to a network of no-kill shelters and humane societies across the United States. So far they have donated over 25,000lbs of dog food to babies in need and that number is going up everyday!

Pack Leash 5

In exchange for being a brand ambassador, Pack Leashes has given Winston and I a discount code to share with you. Please know that we are not making any profit off this code, we are simply sharing it with you because we love and believe in this company. At checkout, use the code LLL.BLOG for 20% off your entire purchase. Also, when you use our code, Pack Leashes will double their donation from 2lbs to 4lbs of donated dog food!

Join the pack today and help make a difference for your fur-baby and those around the world that need our love also! If you’re like me, you’ll do anything for your pup so imagine doing something for them and others!

Pack Leash 13

Don’t forget to subscribe to to stay up to date and follow on Instagram! And you will also want to follow @PackLeashes  their feed is full of the cutest little fur-balls you’ll ever see. Be sure to tag them in your posts for a chance to be featured on their page! And, while you’re at all, be sure to also follow @EvaCosway – she is Winton’s newest BFF and our amazing photographer!!


B & Winston.

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