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If we were having tea…

I have to admit, I have been having tea without you for the last little while and it just feels wrong! I’m sorry!

It has been such a busy summer for me and it doesn’t look like fall is going to be giving me a break either. If you weren’t around the last time we had tea, jump over here and catch up and then come right back!

Before I go put the kettle on and grab us some cute mugs, I want to take a hot minute to introduce you to Preserve Co.

Growing up and even now as an adult, I split my time between my hometown in Bradford, Ontario and visiting my family on the Canadian east coast in Prince Edward Island. People say that Canadian’s are the nicest people and that may be true but I think a large amount of that compliment comes from the east coast residents. If you’ve never been over there, I would defiantly suggest looking into a vacation for next summer! I know that island like the back of my hands so if you need any travel tips, get at me!

One of the things I adore about PEI is that there are so many successful and amazing local businesses there that are thriving without living in the shadow of big box stores. One of my all time favorite spots to visit whenever I am on the island is Preserve Co. I stock up on their teas, honey and jams every time I’m there.

On that note, sit tight for a second while I put on the kettle and make us a pot of my favorite – black vanilla tea.

the preserve co 1

There, now let’s catch up!

If we were having tea I would tell you that I have been having a bit of a hard time lately. My friends are amazing but are probably sick of my depressing texts and urgent calls lately pleading for them to calm me down. The truth is, I do this every year at the end of September and start of October. My birthday. I love the idea of my birthday and a whole day dedicated just to me but, it freaks me out! I feel like my life clock is just ticking away while I stand still and watch it go by. I know once the days passes and the mess from the party is cleaned up, I’ll wake up and be back to normal but it’s getting there that is the hard thing.

If we were having tea I would tell you that besides being in my October funk – there are things happening that I am super exited about! My boyfriend and I are hosting our 4th annual Thanksgiving dinner at our place. There is something about having family over (both human and 4 legged) that just warms my heart. Plus, being in the kitchen is my happy place! Which remind me, I should probably wrap up the rest of my shopping list this evening!

If we were having tea I would also tell you that I have a girls trip to New York coming up in a few weeks that I am really excited about! I have never been away with only my stepmother and my sister before but I already know it is going to be amazing! I love New York so much and plan on running my debit and credit card until it melts! Also, on the vacation topic – my boyfriend and I have booked our winter get away now and decided on Cuba this year!

I would probably refill my mug at this point, a touch of sugar and a fair amount of milk.

If we were having tea I would tell you that I had a liberating moment in my personal life lately and I feel I really evolved. Without oversharing the details, I learnt the value in forgiveness and that sometimes we need to forgive someone or their actions more for ourselves than for the other person. Instead of carrying that anger and burden from being wronged, I was able to shake it off and understand that their blunder has nothing to do with me or who I am, so why should it bother me? If you want to read more on that, click over here.

If we were having tea I would ask you how you were doing. I would say I hope everything is going well and that if things weren’t I am here to listen to you too. I would ask you if you needed anything, if there was any way I could help and I would hope you would tell me if there was.

I would ask you if you have any travel tips for me and my trip to either New York or Cayo Caco, Cuba. I would drink the last of my tea, the sugary part that collects art the bottom. I would thank you for the chat and tell you this was really nice. I would tell you to have a good day and a great rest of the week. I would say we should get together like this more often. I would walk you out and wish you good luck.

Oh, before you leave! Even if we weren’t having tea, I would also tell you that Preserve Co. and I have put together a promo code for you! Use the code LiveLaughLearn at check out and automatically receive 10% your purchase of $50.00 or more. Honestly, their products would make the perfect hostess gift for Thanksgiving or that special someone on your Christmas gift – believe it or not, the holidays will be here sooner than you think!

If we were having tea, what would you tell me?

Until next time!

the preserve co 2

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4 thoughts on “If we were having tea…

  1. I have never heard of this tea brand before but it sounds really good and tasty, I will definitely try this.


  2. LOVE THIS! I relate to this post so much and I’m happy (Idk if this is the right word but oh well) that someone else kind of feels like their life is ticking by, it comforting. I personally think it’s a normal feeling and that it could be a could thing if it keeps you conscious of the amount of time that has passed and to make the best out of our time on earth. Anyways tangent aside lol loved your post and your blog in generally actually, it’s amazing! Also happy New Years

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Madison, Happy New Year!!!
      I totally know what you mean, it is comforting to know you’re not the only one experiencing these thoughts. That is a really great way to look at it also, instead of stressing about how much time has gone by using it as a reminder to maximize every day!

      Liked by 1 person

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