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4 Secrets to a successful social media detox.

Hi friends!

Now that Christmas is over and we find ourselves in that weird in-between space, waiting for New Years, I wanted to talk more about social media detoxes. Why? Because well, I just can’t get enough and really, what are you doing for the next few days? You might notice I’ve been going a little silent on social more and more lately and it feels really good.

I think the WHY of subjects is so important, but without the tools to get through it, what’s the point? I’ll get right to it – here are 5 *secrets* I’ve used to do social media detoxes from time to time.


Prep a little bit.

I mentioned previously that social media detoxes can sometimes give me a bit of anxiety and I think that is normal. Basically, not looking at social or posting (aka doing my job) makes me feel really behind. I find Mondays are a little bit tougher to get through when on a detox because I know I’ve been offline for a couple days over the weekend. But I’ve learned that a little prep makes all the difference. Whether that’s getting some graphics ready that I really want to share and using a posting app to do it for me, or feeling like I’ve done enough sharing that week – it’s nice knowing that I can take a break without it stressing me out.

If your job revolves around social, that’s what I’d suggest. If it doesn’t, you probably don’t need this tip but maybe it’s still helpful?

Get distracted.

My first experience with a true social detox was over a weekend where I was at the cottage and distracted in the best way. We had such a fun weekend doing outdoorsy things and just living life that social media (and my phone) wasn’t on my mind. Not to mention this was a little easier because there was no cell service so I couldn’t get online even if I wanted to.

If it pains you to put away social media (no judgements!), try being distracted for a weekend. Maybe choose your first detox during a busy weekend or on a trip away. The holidays are the PERFECT time to do detoxes and just enjoy the downtime with family and friends. I promise New Years Eve is still special without sharing it with your followers or feeling like you need to follow along everyone else’s day.

Last year, we went to Mexico over Christmas with my boyfriend and we decided not to purchase the WiFi at the resort and spend an entire week without the outside world. It was amazing!! Although I will say, I found it very overwhelming when we got home and turned it back on to find hundreds of emails, text messages, Instagram notifications, Snaps, Facebook notifications etc.

Let your phone die.

Personally, when I know I need a social media detox, I usually need a break from my phone entirely. From texts, emails, everything. And the easiest way to take a break from it all – and to ensure you’re not tempted to check Instagram REAL QUICK, just for a second – is turning off your phone or letting it die.

I’ll usually put away my chargers or not bring them with me and literally just let it die. I won’t lie, this is kind of painful the first few times, but it gets more comfortable. After a few times, it’s SO FREAKING RELIEVING! Airplane Mode would work too, but I personally am an all or nothing type of girl and give it to temptations.

Wait until you’re ready.

I’ve learned that I can’t do something unless I’m ready – even though I know it’s good for me. I can’t workout until I’m truly ready. I can’t do a wellness routine unless it really feels good, even though the rest of the world might like it. And I can’t take a social media break unless I’m personally ready for it!

Take inventory of your state of mind and burnout and wait until you’re actually ready. Don’t take a break just because I am or because I say it’s good for you – wait until you really need it. It’ll make the process much easier and successful!

Switch those phones off for a few days, we’ll catch up in 2019.

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My no resolution resolution.

Although Christmas is right around the corner and we’ve been pumped up for weeks now, I want to hit pause for a second and change gears.

Once all the gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree, the cookies are baked and iced, the tree lights are on, there is often a moment of silence that hovers followed by the realization that a new year is breathing down or necks. Where has this year gone?

I actually posted this thought last year but I wanted to share it again with you because I think it is something very important… I don’t believe in New Years’ resolutions. Nope. Sorry.

Let me explain… As many of you will be breaking out a pen and paper over the next couple of days to start making your resolutions list for 2019, I thought I would share mine with you. I only have one…well, kind of.

In the spring of 2012 my life got a little rocked and turned upside down for a hot minute. Up until then, I thought I had a life-map to follow. I thought I needed to have this done by this time in my life so that this can happen because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I realized in a moment of clarity, this is my life… it belongs to me and not anyone else. I am the only person who can make decisions about myself and do the things that make me happy and not do the things I don’t want to do.

As December of 2012 threatened to turn into January of 2013, I made a promise to myself. I made the last New Years’ resolution I was ever going to make. I committed to myself that I would not set anymore resolutions for the upcoming year. And the year after that. And the year after that. You see where I am going with this?

This may sound completely crazy and it may likely go against everything you have been told, I get that! If you MUST make a resolution this year, make it this: give up wanting anything to happen in the New Year. And if you MUST set a goal, set a goal to make no goals. Embrace the New Year with zero pressure and remain open to the possibility of your potential, be receptive to change and ready to show compassion to yourself for your shortcomings. The reality is that there is no point in setting the same resolutions you’ve been setting for years on end, only to feel disappointed and down on yourself this time next year.


Albert Einstein said it right when he said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Consider for a moment why you haven’t lost that weight, why you didn’t change your job or why you didn’t tackle that home renovation this year. Maybe, you didn’t actually really want to, or maybe you were busy thinking about it that you didn’t have the time to actually do it.

This is the year to make a real change. It is time to take stock of where you are and what you really want out of life and stop doing what others expect you to do or what you think might make you seem or feel more successful or appealing.

How about, this year you allow yourself to be you! Do you girl! Stop putting the heavy pressure and expectations on yourself and allow yourself that time and freedom to be present in situations, be open to adventure, see where things go.

It doesn’t seem like a big resolution, but in fact is it absolutely massive! The moment you choose to stop putting pressure on yourself to undertake resolutions that you aren’t 100% committed to or don’t even really want, is the moment you allow yourself that chance to breath. In my option, that is what a New Year should bring – a feeling of release, a feeling of newness and a feeling of being free.

Of course, there is always room for improvement in life, and yes, goal-setting can be a positive activity. However, if you feel short-changed by your efforts and rewards, then maybe it’s time you stopped forcing yourself, stopped making empty promises to a stranger, stopped living through the expectation of others and instead make friends with yourself and that wonderful being that you are!

Empty your glass and dance into this New Year without the baggage from the last. If it feeds you soul, do it! If it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning with a smile, carry on! Let positive vibes and energy give you the clarity to move forward and be comfortable with who you are.

Enjoy the last few days of 2018!




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Holiday Gift Guide – for the #GirlBoss.

Well, it’s official – there are 12 days until Christmas. How and when did this happen?

So far we have covered the Holiday Gift Guide – For Him Edit, The best hostess gifts to give to make sure you’re always invited back, and the stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. That brings us to the next list – The Girl Boss gift guide. The hustle never stops for ladies who launch…ha! If you have a lady in your life who is rocking it as a girl boss, these gifts will make her life THAT much more successful!

Every #BossBabe knows in order to have a great day, it starts with your first cup of warm, caffeinated goodness. I love travel mugs!! They are perfect for those get up and go days and I actually do use them in the drive threw occasionally (admittedly, when I remember) so I can cut down on the waste I’m contributing to the planet. A very good friend of mine bought me this one for my birthday and I promise you, whoever you’re buying this for will love it as much as I do! Also, if she is a coffee girl, this one! Because, coffee is life!

A girl on the go always needs a charged phone! This portable charging key chain plugs easily into any iPhone and is under $45. I am so obsessed with this idea, it’s amazing! If you want to send me one, let me know and I’ll give you my address!!! But… actually!

I have never seen a cuter fitness tracker and watch duo! This little gem tracks all things fitness AND shows your notifications from your phone. Done. Sold. Thank goodness for Michael Kors!

Making deals? Need a power blazer. Snappy casual is my go-to look and this blazer will pull together any office outfit or even a jeans and tee look. She will have this in her closet for FOREVER, trust me.

De-clutter her life even further with this chic desk accessories from Kate Spade. This adorable and incredibly useful desk calendar would go perfectly with this calculator, stapler, pencil holder, and obviously this pen. She probably spends hours every day sitting at that desk so making it engaging and beautiful would make such a difference!

Chances are, your boss babe already has a work tote she loves, gift this classy houndstooth laptop case to complete her look!

I talked about these in my stocking stuffer post but, earrings. Need I say more? Currently I am obsessed with White Fox Collective and their designs. Every time I wear a pair of theirs, I get so many compliments! Do yourself a favor and order a few for each of the girls on your stocking stuffer or even gift list this year… and a pair for yourself while you’re at it!

I love this list because it is both utilitarian and fun! These items will make work more functional and cuter for the girl boss in your life! Am I missing anything? Let me know!

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