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8 things to do at the beginning of every month.

Happy New Year!!

I hope each and every one of you had an amazing night and as you’re slowly opening your eyes this morning, you’re excited about a fresh slate and new adventures for 2019!

I kinda love the idea of having a monthly checklist, and when I started hearing about this idea on the interwebs, I knew I wanted to write my own – and start my own. I figured today being a new month and a new year, this would be a great time!

I sometimes feel like time just blurs together and if you’re not conscious about it, plans and life does, too. So I’m VERY much into the idea of doing certain things at the start of each month. Some of these ideas are ones I’ve been doing without having a schedule for, and some are ones I want to start incorporating. Either way, I think it’s a really smart idea and I hope you’ll be on board and do this with me!

Do a quick check of your finances.

I won’t lecture you about making a serious budget every month, (although, reminder – you should!) but I do think this is doable. What I’m suggesting here is pretty simple. Go through your accounts to make sure nothing looks weird, like fraudulent charges or random things that you need to handle. Do a quick sweep to make sure all bills are paid/scheduled and that your accounts are in order. Plus, you can see if you’ve been spending too much and might need to chill this upcoming month. If you’re feeling really fancy, make a goal for the month – like save an extra $100 a week this month, or make coffee at home in the morning instead of stopping on your way to work.

Make plans with friends.

If friends or family are a priority in your life, let the beginning of the month serve as a reminder to make plans with them. If you don’t have any plans on the books, make them. Start that group text and throw out a couple dates and a location to make it easy.

Go through your closet.

A friend of mine does this and I think it’s GENIUS so I wanted to share with you! Hopefully your closet is as crazy as mine right now (even though I did go through it recently and it’s way better), but either way, dedicate about 30 minutes to your closet each month. Go through and see if you can donate anything, or pack anything away for other seasons. Then, move some pieces you’re really loving to the front of your closet. This will make getting ready so much easier and simple.

Set personal challenges.

This can be really quick and the list doesn’t need to be massive (and it shouldn’t be).

Think of 1-3 things you’d like to work on this month on a personal level. For example, my challenge last month was to start getting rid of clutter. Or maybe it’s to have better posture or go to bed earlier or cut back on sugar – just think of something that would improve your life and then work on it.

Clean out tech.

Delete old shows on your DVR, text messages and voicemails, and any old files on your computer. I also delete photos from my phone. All of this can take a bit of time, but it feels so good! (For some ideas on this, click here)

Check expiration dates.

I’m talking about your fridge and cabinets and this shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Put on a podcast and get to work. Your space will feel much, much better and you don’t need to stress about eating old hummus. While you’re at it, give the shelving in your fridge a good wipe down since you’ll have most of the contents out anyways.

Make a list.

This is one of my favorite things to do at all times, especially at the beginning of each month. Simply do a brain dump of all the lingering tasks or thoughts in your head. Make the list as long as you need to, but prioritize which MUST get done this month (more on how to do this here). Then, schedule out your tasks throughout the month. Try to batch some of the tasks together – like getting your car’s oil changed the same day as you wash it and so on.

Treat yourself.

The beginning of the month might seem busy and almost daunting, but if you do everything on this list, it’ll be a lot better. And you know what else makes it better? Treating yourself! I love this idea to celebrate the newness of a month and it’s just a great reminder to take care of yourself. Maybe that’s getting a massage or buying the vacuum that’s going to change your life – whatever it is, don’t feel guilty about spending a little on yourself.

Are you on board with this? Is there anything you do to start each month? I’d love to hear!

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