30 ways to nourish your mind, body & soul.

Last week I took a week off of work (and just everything really) and it’s reminded me about the importance of nourishment. And I’m not talking about only healthy eating or things like that – I’m talking about deep nourishment that cleanses you. That might sound dramatic, but it’s how I feel! It’s SO important and something that we can skip on when we’re in the chaos of daily life. At least I know that I do!

I’ve loved turning my phone off and spending time with people I love – and also on myself. But vacation or not, here are 30 pretty simple ways you can nourish different parts of your being starting now! Enjoy friends!


  1. When you’re feeling flustered (you know those days where everything is a hot mess?), sit down and do nothing for 5 minutes. No phones, no tasks, just stop what you’re doing and sit and relax in peace.
  2. Go on a social media detox if your head feels full.
  3. Do that one thing you’ve been putting off for months (looking at you, oil change).
  4. Try meditation, even for a few minutes a day. Guided meditations are a lot easier to use (at least I’ve found) so try an app like Headspace.
  5. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for – right now!
  6. Allow your mind to rest before bed. Put your phone on Airplane Mode for an hour before bed, pick up your book and just chill.
  7. Learn something new everyday – whether through a podcast, a book, or a class.
  8. Remove something from your calendar. Just look at your calendar, pick what doesn’t sound fun, and cancel. It is that easy.
  9. If you’ve been thinking about setting a budget forever, make it a priority. It’s such a mind release!
  10. Do a brain dump.


  1. Add stretching to your nightly or morning routine. It’s pretty crazy how much better you can feel after doing this for a week.
  2. Instead of a shower, swap a bath once a week and soak in bath salts. Your body will thank you!
  3. Try to stand during part of your work day. I sometimes do this at the island in my kitchen if I am home or I’ll walk down the hall and chat with a coworker.
  4. Sign up for a new workout before the year ends.
  5. Have better posture. Put those shoulders back!
  6. Try dry brushing. This is new for me but sounds soooo good and tons of benefits like anti-inflammation.
  7. Move your body…every single day.
  8. Tell yourself 3 things you love about your body in the shower every day.
  9. Get a massage!
  10. Add more vegetables to your next meal.


  1. Plan a girl’s weekend, even if it’s just one night away.
  2. Call a loved one just because you’re thinking of them!
  3. Hug the next loved one you see.
  4. Grab a blanket, light a candle, and put on your favorite movie.
  5. Put your phone away and have a great conversation with a friend.
  6. Stop caring about what people think – here’s how.
  7. Share a bottle of wine with someone you love.
  8. Go for a walk in nature (this kind of accomplishes body, mind and soul, score!)
  9. Volunteer.
  10. Cross something off your bucket list by the end of 2019. What’s it gonna be?!

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