summer of 2019 bucket list.

Helloooo, summer!

It’s officially the summer season, and I’d say it’s off to a fantastic start so far. Like, I am ready to hit the pool, the beach, sit on restaurant patios, spend days on the boat, travel, sip fun drinks and just be outside! Which is why I wanted to put together a quick summer bucket list post! I feel like a lot of what I want to do this summer is very similar to years past, but I figured a recap of some of the fun things I’ve already done would still be a neat post! So bring on the giant floaties and sunshine – it’s summertime! I hope this inspires you to make some fun plans this season!

boat legs

1. Be active outside as much as possible – This is kind of a broad statement, but I’m really challenging myself to be diligent about moving my body every day and spending more time outside being healthy. Sure, having cocktails on patios is still amazing and technically counts as being outdoors, but I’m trying to shift my focus a bit to being ACTIVE when I’m outside so hopefully I’ll be doing lots of walking and hiking this summer.

2. 3. Cook something new with fresh ingredients – I’ve really stepped up my cooking game the last few years by making more meals at home from scratch, playing with ingredients and meal planning on Sundays so of course I want to continue this with fresh finds at the local farmers market! Ours is open every Saturday morning and I really want to get in the habit of going every other weekend.

3. Relax in nature – In addition to wanting to be active outside, I also want to spend more of my downtime outside too. For example, reading in a hammock instead of watching TV inside on the couch. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

4. Enjoy day trips on the boat – This is a no-brainer for us and won’t be hard to do. We love to spend a sunny Saturday or Sunday on Lake Simcoe beach hopping and hitting up a patio for lunch. It is kind of relaxing also because we don’t get the best cell reception on the water so we are able to disconnect.

5. Music festival – I haven’t been to a music festival since VELD circa 2013. Every summer I say that I am going to go to Boots & Hearts and I never do. This year that changes. I have my tickets already and I cannot wait for August!!

6. Have a summer picnic – I did this last summer with a friend and it was so much fun! I highly recommend grabbing some girlfriends, hitting up a grocery store and finding a cute park to post up at for a few hours.

7. Do a random act of kindness – I’m not sure what this is yet but I’d really like to do something unexpected this summer that makes someone I don’t even know smile.

8. Plan a special date night for the boy and me – I’m obviously planning on spending lots of time with him already, but I want to put some thought into planning a special date night. Maybe something outside?! Stay tuned!

9. Pool party – ok, issue number one is I don’t have a pool. What I have in mind is more for our 4 legged friends. This summer I want to designate a day to our neighbourhood pups and Winston. We have been lucky enough to have an amazing crew of neighbours we hang with all the time so I’m thinking a few pools in the backyard for their pups to play in, some toys, etc. and then drinks and a BBQ for the adults… a mini woofstock if you will!

This is what I have for now! I really feel like this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet and I can’t wait to check all of these things off one by one!

What does your summer bucket list look like? I’d love to hear what you are looking forward to!

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