How to prep your life for a trip.

It’s been a hot minute since I talked about traveling  but I actually have a bit of travel coming up so I think it’s time! Plus, I’m pretty sure everyone travels the most during summer months, right?

I usually travel for work a few times a year and Tyson and I try and get away as much as possible also – even if it’s just for one night. We’re looking forward to a cottage weekend coming up! Anyways, thought I’d share some of the ways I prep my life for a vacation (or any kind of travel, honestly). I’ve basically broken it down in terms of how to prep each area of your life, too, so hope that helps!


I’m definitely not perfect here, but I’m A LOT better than I used to be aka waiting until the last minute to plan ahead and then kinda letting the ball drop on everything while I was gone. Not fun! And it was one of the biggest reasons that travel started to overwhelm me – because I’d always fall behind with work and feel bad about myself. Here’s what I’ve started doing…

  • Using an equation – I try to plan a week in advance for every 3 days I’ll be gone. So if it’s just a long weekend, I’ll plan the week BEFORE I leave for those days off. If I’m gone a week, I’ll plan a couple of weeks in advance. Giving myself this buffer lets me not only have time to think about my plan and take action, but it gives me leeway in case my motivation is lacking. Simply knowing that I need to prep and get work done in advance and giving myself enough time really does help! See if that equation works for you.
  • Clear instruction in an Out of Office Email – Before you leave, let those who need to know that you’ll be traveling and what they can do if they need X Y or Z while you’re out. At the same time, put that info in an Out of Office email for anything that’s coming in. By telling people exactly what to expect, who they can contact if needed, and when they’ll hear from you, you won’t have as much anxiety about what people will do without you.
  • Similar to the point above but I actually take it one step further. A week before my vacation I add a note into my signature, usually in red letting people know the same information I would put in my Out of Office.
  • Have a backup person – No matter your job, I’d guess that MOST of us have someone we can ask to cover while we’re gone. Maybe it’s a teammate, an assistant, even a boss, but having security that if for some reason shit hits the fan while you’re away, someone can step in. Be the backup for that person the next time they travel too so that it’s fair for you both!
  • Take an extra day off if possible – I swear by this! If possible, take an extra day off if your trip is longer than a week. There’s nothing worse than landing on a Sunday night and having to be at work Monday (SO MUCH SUNDAY NIGHT ANXIETY OMG). Even if you can work from home instead of taking it off, try to give yourself that buffer of going to the grocery store, unpacking, and getting your life together.


If you’ve ever left on a trip to come back to a house that is a total disaster, you know the feeling stinks. Here’s how to prep your home for while you’re away…

  • Clean before you go – Yep! It is kinda the worst at the time, but it’s the freaking BEST to return to. If you have help, ask them to come the day before you leave or after. Coming home to a clean house and clean sheets after traveling does something for the soul, I’m telling you. Also, this includes lawn care! Schedule someone to come mow the lawn or take care of your landscaping while you’re gone so you don’t come back to a crazy jungle. We do the same thing in the winter time for the snow removal. We learnt that lesson once when we came home in the middle of March to so much snow – we had to shovel our way into the driveway at 2:00am.
  • Online grocery ordering – If you can’t take a day off when you’re coming home, or if it’s just a weekend trip, think about doing your groceries online and picking them up on your way home. That way, you’ll have enough food to at least get you through the next couple days until you can do a big shop yourself.
  • Plan for mail and packages – Either put a stop to your mail if you’ll be gone a while or ask a neighbour to grab the mail and any packages while you’re away.
  • Have someone come and check in on your house –  I totally get why people have house-sitters. It can definitely be kind of nerve-wracking leaving your home, especially if it’s for a long trip. Have a friend or neighbour come and check in every few days to make sure everything feels right and then check in with you. Or if you really want to, have someone come stay at your place while you’re gone (this works really well if you have pets!).


Anyone else like to kind of prep themselves mentally and physically for travel? Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, but this has become a pretty important step for me, especially when traveling internationally…

  • Get hydrated – This goes for your skin and your body. If you’re traveling a long way, the last thing you want to do is show up feeling tired and like your skin is cracking from all the dry airplane air. The week of, load up on all the hydrating masks and creams (don’t be afraid to apply in-flight either) and chug that water! Bring a refillable water bottle with you so you always have H2O with you during your travels, too.
  • Sleep well the week of – Depending on what kind of trip you’re going on, vacation can sometimes mean you’re not getting the best sleep. Be sure to rest up the week before so you’re at your best. I know I’m always a MUCH happier person when I’ve gotten good sleep.
  • Calm any anxieties – I feel like prepping to go on vacation can be the most stressful part of traveling, right? Hopefully this post helps you with that and gets you feeling organized, but if you’re feeling stressed, try stepping away and going for a walk or do something that helps you clear your mind. Then come back to your work or house, or whatever you’re doing to prep for your trip and start fresh. I also suggest that once you’re finished prepping you do something to de-stress because you don’t want to start your vacation off with a mind full of work/home stuff.

Does anyone else have any tips? I feel like everyone has their own routine for this kind of thing and I’d love to know what you do when you’re getting to travel!

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