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How to stay motivated when it’s cold and dark.

Hello lovely humans!!

I feel like it’s officially  that time of year again when the temperature and the short days start to take a toll on us. Anybody else experience this? I think I’m just someone who feeds off of the sun and beautiful weather, but living in Canada and having real winters, I want to double down on what I can do to keep motivated during the inevitable cold and short days.

I’ve written a lot about motivation in the past but I also really try to make these tips specific to the season, temperature and shorter days. If you have any tried and true tips on this topic, please share! I’m all ears because I have a feeling I’m going to need all the help I can get during the winter!

Find a way to get excited about the day.

When the weather is crappy and the sun starts to set at 5:30pm, the feeling of dread starts pretty early in the day. Instead of letting it take over, give yourself something to look forward to! For example, if you check off X amount of things on your to-do list then you get to buy those new boots you’ve been eyeing or take yourself out to a movie – whatever gets you most excited! Some may call it bribery, but I call it getting stuff done.

Move your body.

I’ve said this a million times and I’ll keep saying it – moving my body more has changed my life! It seriously makes me feel so much better and kind of reinvigorates me. It took a while for me to really make it a habit, but once I realized what a difference it was making in my productivity and how good it makes me feel, I had to keep doing it!

The main thing I love to do to move my body is take Winston for walks, 30 minutes at least every day. The problem I run into is in the winter time, the salt on the sidewalks is so bad for his little paws and it hurts him (I’ve tried so many pair of booties but he hates them all) so we resort to playing in the backyard as much as possible. Recently. I have adapted the habit of an at home workout every night. I’ve been using the Workout For Women app on my iPhone. There are a bunch of great workouts ranging from 6 – 9 minutes that don’t require any equipment other than your own body. I try and do 3 a day before hitting the showers.

Talk to a co-worker or friend.

I think it’s especially important to make sure you’re not isolating yourself in the fall/winter months. The weather can already make things sort of depressing so if you’re feeling unmotivated, talk to someone at work or a friend. Sometimes the best thing I can do for myself when I’m having a meh day is take a break and talk to someone who inspires me.

Break big to-do’s into smaller ones.

Think about it. If it’s freezing cold, dark AND you have some giant tasks to get done that day. It’s easy to throw everything aside and just do nothing, am I right? Netflix is the enemy. So, instead of writing the one big task on your to-do list, break it down into two or three smaller ones spread out over a few days. This will help you feel more accomplished and less guilty about yourself for having to keep moving whatever your big task is further back on your calendar.

Anyone have anything else to add? I’d love to read it and I’m sure everyone else would too!

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