7 positive things to come from postponing your wedding. Love; a fellow CoronaBride.

There are so many of us out there right now that have had our dream weddings put on hold due to this pandemic, myself included.

Trust me girl, I’ve been sad. I’ve been angry, I’ve been an emotional mess. If you haven’t read my recent post on this, check it out here.

Instead of siting with these negative feelings and being completely consumed by them, I’ve been trying to find a silver lining. Something positive has to come from this, right?

Here is my list of 7 positive things to come from postponing our wedding due to the Coronavirus.

Time to relax.

If you already have a new date in mind or even if you’re like me and have no concrete plans yet because you’re waiting to see what kind of shape the world will be in first, just breathe. I mean it, take a deep breath right now. Use this time to decompress and not think about planning anything right now. Take a step away from all the stress and hard work you’ve put into the wedding already. When you do come back to it, now you’re able to spend some time perfecting all the little details you maybe wanted to have before that you just didn’t have time to get to.

Time to save.

Weddings are not cheap. There is no easier way of saying that. Often all the costs can come piling into your mailbox at exactly the same time. Having some extra time right now means you can spread out the payments for things and ultimately making it easier on your bank accounts. Also, saving more money and having more time means maybe you can add that photo-booth you wanted but couldn’t find it in the budget earlier?

This goes for your guests too. If you are planning a destination wedding, extra time for your guests to save is great and will allow them to join in your festivities if they maybe weren’t able to before.

Time to grow…your hair!

Maybe you actually won’t need those overly priced hair extensions after all. Since we’re all home now and unless you are or live with a hairdresser, you’re not getting a cut or colour anytime soon. You have the time now to treat your hair to some masks and proper love.

Time to grow…your tribe.

You likely decided on your guest list about a year ago, right? Maybe you’ve made some really great connections lately and want to add them to the list but you were afraid of handing them a last minute invite before? Or those who were on your B list and you didn’t want to insult. By changing your date, you’re opening it up to those who might have no been able to come the first time but can make this date work. It also goes the other way, you may have some new seats to fill if people can’t make the new date. Maybe your niece will be older enough now now to be your flower girl?

Time to DIY.

If crafting your own bouquet, or centre pieces or whatever decor you imagine is your thing – step up your game now! Think of all the little details you can perfect over the next few months.

Time to write your own vows.

We already did this for our first plan but maybe you were too nervous to put your own words on paper? Well, now you have time to really think about it and express yourself in the way you’ve always dreamed. Ask a couple close friends. your maid of honour and your best man, or loved ones to read your vows and give you some feedback.

Time to learn to dance.

Do you have two left feet? Nervous to hit the dance floor? Then start some dance lessons. There are plenty of online classes you can take during this odd time. Crank the music up loud and just let loose!


I hope that this bring you some sort of good vibes right now. I know it’s been a really strange time for us and it is easy to be angry or feel defeated and just over it but let’s try and get back on track and stay positive!

Is there something on this list that you find to be a good option for you? I’d love to hear your story and what your new plans are.

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Working from home – email etiquette.

By now, many of us have moved away from our office space environment to settling into a work from home routine.

Maybe you’ve been comfy cozy up on the couch with your laptop? Have you converted a spare bedroom into your work space? Hunkered down on your dinning room table? What does your work from home reality look like? Personally, I wander a little bit through out the day.

I start my work day on the couch around 8:30am while I savour my morning cup of tea. Checking and replying emails, touching base with my calendar for the day – video calls have become my new normal these days, and having the news playing in the background.

Around 10:00am I take a little break and usually scramble a few eggs and pour myself another tea. This time my laptop and I spend some quality t-i-m-e at the kitchen island, working away.

Lunch usually consists of either a soup, a salad or a combination of both. I try and take an hour away from the computer for a lunch break and catch up on social media or FaceTime some friends or family members for a shared lunch break. I then spend the afternoon working upstairs in my office. I have a standing 3:00pm video call with our team daily which has been interfering with the time Tyson usually comes home. Taking the call upstairs is easier and quieter that way – plus it’s a welcomed changed of scenery.

One of the things that has had my little mind racing lately though has been work emails. I know in my office at least, my co-workers and I are usually freely bouncing around each others offices through out the day and discussing things in a very unofficial and off the cusp manor. If you were to pop your head into my office and ask me something, my answer is probably not going to be grammatically correct and probably not a full sentence either. Yup…OK… Nope… Whatever…Sushi for lunch works for me!

Working from home and not having that quick and easy conversation flow lately means we are left having email conversations more frequently.  I have become very aware that the way that we speak casually, is not the way we should be speaking in work related emails. Here is what I mean by this and examples of how I have been adjusting my work emails lately. Just because we’re sitting at home comfortably, I don’t think that means it has to come through in our words.

So, it took me awhile to respond to an email because I was sidetracked by my adorable dog doing cute adorable little dog things and because I was doing 4 loads of laundry while starting on prepping dinner.

How I would usually respond: Sorry for the delay.

How I have been responding: Thank you for your patience in my response.

My schedule matters too when making meeting requests, I’m juggling a lot right now and want to be able to watch the daily heath updates.

How I would usually respond: Whatever works best for you, works for me.

How I have been responding: Could you do __:__am/pm?

Yeah, you’re welcome.

How I would usually respond: No problem / no worries 🙂

How I have been responding: I’m always happy to help.

I know what I’m doing, Karen!

How I would usually respond: I think maybe we should do is this way…

How I have been responding: It would be best if we did it this way…

Do you understand me this time?

How I would usually respond: I hope that makes sense?

How I have been responding: Please let me know if you have an further questions.

Where are heck are you on this project?

How I would usually respond: Just wanted to check in and follow up on…

How I have been responding: Please advise when I can expect an update on this.

I made a mistake.

How I would usually respond: AHH! Sorry, my bad!! I totally missed that!

How I have been responding: Great catch, thank you so much!


These are just a few examples of things I am working on being conscious of while working from home. I might be sitting here in sweat pants and a top knot, I might have a wandering eye to the tv or walking my dog and getting some fresh air. I might be doing all these things at once but I don’t need you to know about it while we’re working.

Stay home. Stay comfy. Stay professional.

Are there any adjustments you’ve made since working from home? I’d love to hear about them!

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