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Pumpkin spice coffee cake.

Hello beautiful people!
I have to admit, I never liked coffee cake until recently. My great-grand mother used to make it and she passed the recipe down to my grandmother who used to make it. I would eat it just to be kind and pretend that I loved it but every slice I had was always dry, bland, and boring. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to eat the stuff!

That was until I started making my own coffee cake from scratch. Oh!! So much better than the others (sorry to my family, I love you!)


I took this pumpkin spice coffee cake to a new place in my heavenly world of fall baking.  (Backtrack for a second, if you missed my oatmeal pumpkin cookies last week, check that out! The cake is of course made with pumpkin puree and lots of warm spices. But then I also added in sour cream to get that moist tang we all want in a coffee cake.


Then there’s the streusel. What’s better than streusel?! Here we have a buttery brown sugar pecan streusel loaded up with more cinnamon. Really my goal here was to satisfy my cravings for fall flavors while also making my house smell amazing.

The streusel doesn’t just go on top of this cake, no, no, no. There’s a layer in the centre that provides a flavorful crunchy ribbon of goodness to each and every bite.

Then, there’s the icing on top… literally. Just a simple powdered sugar maple syrup icing does the trick. All of these flavors together are an autumn dream.


But the best part?

How quick and easy this recipe really is! You can have a batch of this pumpkin spice coffee cake cooling on your counter in about one hour. I think it tastes amazing still a little bit warm though personally. The cake itself can be covered and stored for up to 4 days and it somehow still stays moist. I’ve also had surprisingly good results from freezing the entire baked cake in an airtight container, then allowing it to defrost at room temperature before icing and serving.

Thought I highly doubt it will last that long…

coffee bread

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