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casual holiday gatherings: my go-to outfit formula.

casual holiday outfit

2020 is just a weird year, we all know this by now. I feel like I have changed so much this year and now I’m shocking myself when thinking I’m letting go of fantasy holidays and over the top outfits.

The holidays always make me feel like I need to stock up on party outfits. Like maybe a pretty velvet jumpsuit! Or an embellished maxi dress!

But when I look at my real life — instead of the fantasy — it becomes clear that I don’t need a bunch of fancy party outfits. Because I don’t have a bunch of fancy holiday parties to attend.

My holiday parties are more like little gatherings with a couple friends, having dinner and drinks. Casual. Low-key. Relaxed.

This kind of gathering calls for something laid-back and comfortable. But … something that still feels a little bit festive.

So, here’s my outfit formula:

1 | Oversized flannel button down.

Flannel is like the casual girl’s version of velvet. It’s still got a rich texture, but it’s more relaxed, so it feels spot on for this laid-back holiday look.

Quick how-to? While wearing just the button down, roll or fold the collar to the inside of the shirt. Then top with the sweater and adjust as necessary.

2 | Slouchy sweater.

A slouchy sweater in a neutral colour keeps the look understated, while also adding warmth.

3 | Skinny jeans.

Since the top half of this outfit is so voluminous, I balanced that out by keeping things simple and fitted on the bottom.

4 | Ankle booties and socks.

The only way to finish off a warm, comfortable outfit like this is with equally warm, comfortable footwear — thick camp socks and a pair of feel-good booties. Don’t let the three inch heel fool you — these boots were made for walking with their grippy rubber sole and shock absorbing heels.

The colour palette: grey, brown, berry, and blue.

My favourite thing about this outfit — besides the comfort and functionality of it — is the colour palette. I know! My neutral-loving self is getting into colour more and more these days.

At first, I thought grey and brown wouldn’t look good together, but after experimenting a little, they surprised me. I like this deep, dark brown with the lighter grey. To me, the berry colour serves as a bridge between them.

casual holiday outfit - swatch

Try creating the look with different pieces

You don’t have to have these exact pieces to create a similar look. If you have a slouchy sweater, but you don’t have an oversized button down, try putting any longer top, like a tunic top, underneath. Or you could skip that layer all together and wear a scarf in holiday colours instead. You could also swap the slouchy sweater for a cozy cardigan. Play around a little and see what you come up with.

So tell me, do you have a go-to holiday outfit formula? Does your lifestyle call for more dressed down outfits this time of year or do you dress up more? What’s your favourite holiday colour palette?

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