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check in on your 2020 self.

There’s a very good chance that a large majority of you with me on feeling you are 100% over any resolutions you made at the start of 2020. Given everything this year has brought, I don’t blame you at all. In fact, if you have been around for awhile, you’ll remember this post and what my thoughts are around New Years resolutions. But that was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to write this post! It’s during the times we want to quit most, that we should take a second to reflect on why we should keep going, right? Or something like that at least.

For real, though, I do hope if you’ve been feeling down about how this year has played out (and who isn’t?), that this post will in a way give you permission to just breathe and reset. I know my goals and things I wanted to accomplish this year need some tweaking, so let’s dive into how we can all approach and check in on those 2020 resolutions, shall we?

Reflect back on what you thought this year would look like.

First things first, think all the way back to where your head was at the last week of 2019 or the first week of 2020. Maybe you were planning your dream wedding for this spring (I was) or planning to move across the country or travel the world for a few months. Even if what you had in mind for 2020 wasn’t quite as big as these things, chances are you definitely didn’t take a worldwide health pandemic into consideration, so if your vision for the year looked a lot different back then compared to what it is now, that’s OK! Don’t shame yourself for having plans and things you wanted to do that didn’t happen. And speaking of not shaming yourself…

Give yourself grace.

This is something I’m reminding myself of constantly! Even when I do accomplish things or follow through with a hope I’ll ask myself if I challenged myself enough. Like, if I was able to actually do it, was it hard enough? Does anyone struggle with that? In the case of resolutions and goals for 2020, I’d say double the amount of grace you extend to yourself (and others!) because to say the year hasn’t gone as planned is an understatement.

Mentally reset based on where you are NOW – not where you thought you would be.

OK, now that you’ve had a minute to reflect back, it’s time to think about where you are right now! One of the things I’ve kept in mind the last few months, and have heard others talk about, is to focus on the things I can control. I can control how often I exercise and move my body, I can control how much I eat/drink, I can control how much time I spend on things, etc. So even though there are tons of things I can’t control, I want to edit my goals and personal desires based on what I can. Focusing on this will help transition your mind from where you thought you’d be on this day, to where you actually are and how you can move forward given the current circumstances.

Also, take this time to acknowledge any successes you DID have in the last few months! Maybe, despite everything, you were still able to stay on track with your savings goals or you’ve been more consistent with working out. Whatever it is, freaking acknowledge it! You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back so be sure to take time to do that!

Brain dump.

This is my favourite step because you KNOW I’m obsessed with a good brain dump. If you don’t know how to do this, I have a big post on it here, but it’s so simple! And is the perfect way to get everything out of your head. It’s the best way to clear your mind so you can refocus for the last and final step on checking in with your resolutions!

Edit your resolutions.

You’ve reflected on where you were in life when you originally wrote your 2020 wants and goals, you’ve taken into account all the unexpected things this year brought and given yourself grace for doing the best you could. You acknowledged some of the wins you still managed to get, you’ve reset your mind and got everything out… and now it’s time to actually edit your resolutions and give yourself a fresh start for the remainder of the year.

This step will look different for everyone. Maybe you simply adjust timelines and tweak expectations of your original resolutions, or maybe you say, ya know what? Life is just too different now than what it was when I wrote these, and you start a brand new list! Personally, instead of writing down all these new goals and such, I want to find a word or a vibe that describes the kind of attitude I want to have for the rest of 2020. Like maybe hopeful or positivity. And then work toward maintaining that mindset and give myself reminders that no matter what happens from here, that’s where I want my mind to be.

Listen, this year has been a JOURNEY. But it’s not over yet so let’s try to make the best of it that we can!

If you’ve had an accomplishment or ticked off a goal this year, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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