Live Laugh Learn BLONDE

Live (verb) : Remain alive.

Laugh (verb) : Be in a fortunate or successful position.

Learn (verb) : Gain or acquire knowledge of a skill.


I try to really live each day, each moment, each opportunity that comes my way in life. I laugh at the silly things and find joy in the smallest split seconds that pass. And above all, I try to learn the message, the understanding, the greater picture behind everything.

This is a space that I can invite you into my life and see how I live. See the things that make me laugh and hopefully learn a few things from each other along the journey.

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When I was a kid, my father opened an indoor playground for children that included a rock wall, movie theater, play structures, pottery room and so many other amazing things to occupy tiny minds. The name of that business? – Live Laugh & Learn.


This is my life, sprawled out before you. It is not perfect but it is mine