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2019 Gift guide for girls.

My BFFs are some of my all time favourite people to shop for around the holiday season because they tend to be the easiest. I generally try to keep track of things they’ve mentioned to me in passing throughout the year so I can go pick them up or include them in my gift guide. Is that cheating? If it is, oh well because I think there are some really great gift ideas on this list for all styles/budgets!

Who doesn’t love and appreciate an oversized cozy scarf? Here in Canada, it gets cold and a cozy blanket scarf is the perfect accessory to keep you warm and looking good – especially if it has fringe! I have this one in black and grey from Free People and I love how soft they are! Don’t feel like you have to stick with solid colours either, a bold pattern is always appreciated!

scarf 2

I never really appreciated a sleep mask until I tried one last year. In m mind they were just for airplanes and people who wanted to be extra but OH . MY . GOSH. I love them now and they are flying off the shelves everywhere. I can’t urge you enough though, when shopping for a sleep mask – make sure you go with a high quality silk fabric. The silk is extremely delicate on your skin and it won’t pull your hair either. The Slip silk sleep mask would be my personal recommendation and the price point is worth it once you’ve tried it. I have talked about my love of silk pillowcases before and how beneficial they are to your sleep.

slip mask

Apparently my theme this holiday season is warm and cozy and great sleep! Lets stay with that and talk about the LANEIGE lip sleeping mask! These babies come in four different flavours and have won all types of awards in the beauty market. Any of your girls would love this and at this price point you should be picking one up for yourself too!

lip mask

Gold, silver and pearls. Let that soak in for a moment and feel all the mermaid vibes! These Madewell earring are the perfect mix of style and I can’t believe they are only $35.40!!

pearl earings

And last but not least, every girl needs a new pair of holiday pjs to lounge in! These are absolutely screaming my name this year but I’m trying to convince myself these would be worth owning for $95.00

What did I miss? Who are you shopping for this year and what ideas do you have so far?

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Winter wardrobe breakdown.

I know – it’s winter, you don’t have to tell me, I know it. We have winter every year and I should be used to the frigid temperatures, the blowing snow and the patches of black ice everywhere but I’m just over it all by now and it’s hardly started.

Winter to me is the season for great fitting skinny jeans with a little wiggle room to accommodate all the festive eating, chunky oversized sweaters that you just want to snuggle in and really, really warm socks. I don’t know if it’s a Canadian thing or just a me thing but if we’re going out in the winter I’m usually rocking my Sorel winter boots and then once we reach our destination I change into a cuter pair of shoes for the evening.

I’ve put together some of my favourite winter time outfits for you below and linked as much as I can for you. Stay warm out there dolls!

winter outfit 1

From top to bottom and left to right:
Brown knit turtleneck sweater – h&m . Light beige oversized melange sweater – h&m . Grey melange knit stand-up-collar sweater – h&m . Articles of society Sarah ankle jeggings – Nordstrom . 8″ toothpick jean in vista wash – J.Crew . Jamie high waist skinny jeans – Topshop . Dark pecan Sadie boots in suede – J.Crew . The remi mule – Madewell . Halogen Abbi block heel booties – Nordstrom .

This is the same sweater from above, just styled a different way. Neutrals with a little print action! I’m really picky about clothing with animal prints and I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of neutral snakeskin booties. 

winter outfit 2

From top to bottom and left to right:

Just ride moto jacket (vegan leather) – BB Dakota . Grey melange knit stand-up-collar sweater – h&m . Denim blue Vintage slim high ankle jean – h &m . Dolce Vita Nilani ankle boot .

Simple and natural. The perfect outfit combo for drinking wine at home by the fireplace with your boo or going out with your girls. The sweater and necklace are all under $50.00 making the perfect holiday gift for your girls also! These are really old jeans I have but I have linked an affordable and similar pair.

winter outfit 3

Grey melange knit wool-blend sweater – h&m . Denim blue Vintage slim high ankle jean – h &m . True black the frances loafer mule in leather . Initial charm necklace .

The great thing about quality pieces is you can mix and match them effortlessly!

Until next time lovely humans- I’ll be here snuggling in my sweaters.

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What to wear for your engagement photos.

This has to be a the question I see asked online the most by my fellow brides to be. Since being engaged in January I know I personally have typed this phrase into Google at least 64 times myself and god only knows how many searches I’ve done in Facebook groups.

Since the holidays are just around the corner, which is also a trigger for engagement season – I thought I would lend my two cents on what to wear for your engagement photos.

So let’s dive right on in on all the things I think you should consider when planning your engagement photo outfits along with some links/photos to inspire your look!

Think about your aesthetic as a couple.

For this you really want to ask yourself – are you generally more formal or more casual? Tyson and I appreciate a well-dressed moment, but I think we’re definitely more casual so we wanted our outfits in our photos to reflect this. For example, if you’re a really outdoorsy, casual couple it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to wear super formal outfits for your photos and vice versa. Dress for who you guys are in real life – whatever that is! For us, that meant pretty casual.

We did one denim look, which I love these jeans for because they’re simple and go with anything.

View More:

Coordinate without being too matchy-matchy.

I never think about Tyson and I’s outfits coordinating when we go out on dates and to events, but for our engagement photos, we for sure wanted to look like we belonged in the photo together, know what I mean? We kept things pretty neutral, but my biggest tip for coordinating outfits for photos (whether it’s engagement or family photos, etc.) is do not wear the same colour. Just don’t do that.

If you’re wearing a white shirt, have him wear a soft blue shirt or a button-down with a minimal pattern and a little bit of colour. You can see in this photo on Insta I wore a white, grey and camel coloured sweater and he wore a navy and white. We look tied together by both wearing black jeans but we weren’t matchy-matchy.

Think about what colours will photograph well.

I did some research on what colours photograph well (because duh, I research everything) and red was a colour that kept coming up over and over again but I don’t really consider red my colour. Plus a lot of photographers recommend against red for an engagement shoot because it can draw too much attention to only one of you instead of the two of you together. Also, I just associate red with the holidays and that’s a different photo shoot all together.

With that being said, when in doubt, I think your safest bet is to just go casual and neutral.

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Don’t go over the top with your number of outfits.

I know it can be hard to narrow down your favourite outfits, but I think less is more in this situation. Mainly because if your fiancé is anything like Tyson, he won’t have the patience for more than two outfits. Men. We had two outfits picked and ready to go – one casual and one more dressy but at the last minute skipped on the dressy one and just did a variety of photos and backdrops with the one outfit that describes us best as a couple.

Was that helpful for you at all? I really didn’t want to overthink this post OR me and Tyson’s outfits so I really tried to keep things casual and simple on this one, but definitely let me know if you have more questions!

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