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Holiday Gift Guide – for the #GirlBoss.

Well, it’s official – there are 12 days until Christmas. How and when did this happen?

So far we have covered the Holiday Gift Guide – For Him Edit, The best hostess gifts to give to make sure you’re always invited back, and the stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. That brings us to the next list – The Girl Boss gift guide. The hustle never stops for ladies who launch…ha! If you have a lady in your life who is rocking it as a girl boss, these gifts will make her life THAT much more successful!

Every #BossBabe knows in order to have a great day, it starts with your first cup of warm, caffeinated goodness. I love travel mugs!! They are perfect for those get up and go days and I actually do use them in the drive threw occasionally (admittedly, when I remember) so I can cut down on the waste I’m contributing to the planet. A very good friend of mine bought me this one for my birthday and I promise you, whoever you’re buying this for will love it as much as I do! Also, if she is a coffee girl, this one! Because, coffee is life!

A girl on the go always needs a charged phone! This portable charging key chain plugs easily into any iPhone and is under $45. I am so obsessed with this idea, it’s amazing! If you want to send me one, let me know and I’ll give you my address!!! But… actually!

I have never seen a cuter fitness tracker and watch duo! This little gem tracks all things fitness AND shows your notifications from your phone. Done. Sold. Thank goodness for Michael Kors!

Making deals? Need a power blazer. Snappy casual is my go-to look and this blazer will pull together any office outfit or even a jeans and tee look. She will have this in her closet for FOREVER, trust me.

De-clutter her life even further with this chic desk accessories from Kate Spade. This adorable and incredibly useful desk calendar would go perfectly with this calculator, stapler, pencil holder, and obviously this pen. She probably spends hours every day sitting at that desk so making it engaging and beautiful would make such a difference!

Chances are, your boss babe already has a work tote she loves, gift this classy houndstooth laptop case to complete her look!

I talked about these in my stocking stuffer post but, earrings. Need I say more? Currently I am obsessed with White Fox Collective and their designs. Every time I wear a pair of theirs, I get so many compliments! Do yourself a favor and order a few for each of the girls on your stocking stuffer or even gift list this year… and a pair for yourself while you’re at it!

I love this list because it is both utilitarian and fun! These items will make work more functional and cuter for the girl boss in your life! Am I missing anything? Let me know!

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Holiday Gift Guide – For Him Edit.

Happy holidays!

First off, I want to apologize for the minor hiatus that was happening over here in my little corner of the internet. I have been trying to spend a bit more time on Instagram lately as a quicker and easier way of connecting with you and as a result I haven’t found a moment to sit down and pound away at the keyboard. But, here I am! Back at it and pretty excited!

When it comes to the holidays and shopping, I always struggle with my boyfriend the most. It also doesn’t help that his birthday is in December also so I get hit with a double whammy of pressure to find the perfect gifts that he will love.

If you are anything like me, gift shopping for your man can really be a struggle. They never want anything and anything that they may need, they’ve already run out and bought it themselves! I am big into “experience” gifts though like tickets to an event or a fun excursion on our vacations and I will use those as a fall back idea from time to time.


This year I thought maybe we could help each other out and put our heads together here and come up with a bomb list of ideas!! Let me know what you think in the comment section and what your gift plans are this holiday season. Also, what are you asking Santa for this year?

Backpack – Swap out that nasty old excuse of a backpack your man has likely had from either high school or university and get him a brand new one. My boyfriend loves his new backpack for the comfort and storage size and I love it because I am a sucker for the color. I was envious of his cool new backpack this summer and bought myself this one which is fairly similar and I love it even more.

Headphones, I am still a fan of the wired ones and to compensate with the lack of jacks in the new iPhones, I just use the adapter. However, Apple AirPods are super popular and make for a really great gift. I find them expensive but seems like they are here to stay and at least Apple has free shipping. Personally, I am a fan of these plugged in ones more than the wireless.

I am obsessing over these little gems of a find!! My boyfriend and I each have our own mugs we prefer and all hell breaks loose when I catch him sipping his Cup o’ Joe out of my Pug Life mug!! Is it so hard to just not do that? Does this happen at your house or am I just way to anal? I am adding these his and her mugs to my check out for sure this year! Plus, they are totally picture perfect material!

BBQ tools… every man wants them and lucky for us gift givers, they need them! I have taken the cheap route out before when it comes to BBQ tools and I’ll tell you this – you get what you pay for. For a great quality but still basic set I would recommend this set. And, a burger press makes a great stocking stuffer to go along with the theme as well as skewers and sauces. If he already has all his grill accessories, maybe signing him up for Grill Master Club is a better idea. Subscription boxes aren’t just for us women!

Are there men out there that moisturize their face and body anymore or have these ideas gone the way of unicorns? My boyfriend just hates creams and claims they all cause him to breakout. This obviously isn’t true because I know he dips into mine occasionally and thinks I can’t smell it on his face. I pick and choose my battles. That being said, I have heard really great things about the Clinique Maximum Hydrator which is specifically made for men. I may just leave this on the counter and see how long it take him to try it and tell me he was wrong.

Male or female, old or young, the most important thing you can have in the winter (especially here in Canada) is dry and warm feet! Winter boots are always a welcomed gift idea and these are both stylist and practical so it is a win win for everyone! If you are looking for a pair for yourself, I suggest these ones that I just got for my birthday and can’t wait to wear out in the snow!

That is about it for now, I am sure as we get closer and closer I will add to my list and if you keep an eye on my Instagram (, I’ll notify you when I do add things. What do you have going on your list so far? I would love to hear and get some inspiration on things I may be missing! Also, have you put up your tree yet? We are doing ours this weekend and I’m having a few little elves help me with it, be sure to follow my IG stories on Saturday!!

Until next time, happy shopping!



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Join the Pack.

Pack Leash 9

I love the idea of human beings helping other human beings. It brings me so much joy and happiness and #AllTheFeels when we can come together as one and do something amazing.

However, what I love more is good, honest human beings coming together to help and create something even more amazing for those that don’t have a voice of their own. For those that feel they are unloved and unwanted. For those who are dumped and forgotten about. For those who we, as humans don’t deserve. For those who love more selflessly than anything else in the whole wide world. For our fur-babies and all the fur-babies out there.

Winston and I (I guess I can add Momager to my resume now!) have partnered up with an amazing and caring company, Pack Leashes who are doing some truly remarkable things for our best friends.

I love their products and I love their mission statement but I’m not sure which I should tell you about first…

Pack Leash 3

Pack Leases, is a US based company (they ship internationally) that hand make leads, collars and harnesses as well as their newly launched toys, collapsible bowls and doggy bag dispensers. They are PETA-Vegan approved and back each of their products by a lifetime guarantee.

What I love most from their product line are their leads. There are six different styles right now and each is handmade using dynamic climbing rope and sturdy locking carabiners. My biggest fear as a fur-mom is Winston’s lead snapping when he sees another dog across the street or when he locks eyes on a rabbit. I can honestly tell you that I  don’t have that fear when I use the Pack Leash because I know it isn’t going to give way.

The mission statement. This is my favorite part about working with Pack Leashes and why I decided to jump at the opportunity to work with them. For every single sale made, Pack Leashes donates 2lbs of dog food to a network of no-kill shelters and humane societies across the United States. So far they have donated over 25,000lbs of dog food to babies in need and that number is going up everyday!

Pack Leash 5

In exchange for being a brand ambassador, Pack Leashes has given Winston and I a discount code to share with you. Please know that we are not making any profit off this code, we are simply sharing it with you because we love and believe in this company. At checkout, use the code LLL.BLOG for 20% off your entire purchase. Also, when you use our code, Pack Leashes will double their donation from 2lbs to 4lbs of donated dog food!

Join the pack today and help make a difference for your fur-baby and those around the world that need our love also! If you’re like me, you’ll do anything for your pup so imagine doing something for them and others!

Pack Leash 13

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B & Winston.