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Join the Pack.

Pack Leash 9

I love the idea of human beings helping other human beings. It brings me so much joy and happiness and #AllTheFeels when we can come together as one and do something amazing.

However, what I love more is good, honest human beings coming together to help and create something even more amazing for those that don’t have a voice of their own. For those that feel they are unloved and unwanted. For those who are dumped and forgotten about. For those who we, as humans don’t deserve. For those who love more selflessly than anything else in the whole wide world. For our fur-babies and all the fur-babies out there.

Winston and I (I guess I can add Momager to my resume now!) have partnered up with an amazing and caring company, Pack Leashes who are doing some truly remarkable things for our best friends.

I love their products and I love their mission statement but I’m not sure which I should tell you about first…

Pack Leash 3

Pack Leases, is a US based company (they ship internationally) that hand make leads, collars and harnesses as well as their newly launched toys, collapsible bowls and doggy bag dispensers. They are PETA-Vegan approved and back each of their products by a lifetime guarantee.

What I love most from their product line are their leads. There are six different styles right now and each is handmade using dynamic climbing rope and sturdy locking carabiners. My biggest fear as a fur-mom is Winston’s lead snapping when he sees another dog across the street or when he locks eyes on a rabbit. I can honestly tell you that I  don’t have that fear when I use the Pack Leash because I know it isn’t going to give way.

The mission statement. This is my favorite part about working with Pack Leashes and why I decided to jump at the opportunity to work with them. For every single sale made, Pack Leashes donates 2lbs of dog food to a network of no-kill shelters and humane societies across the United States. So far they have donated over 25,000lbs of dog food to babies in need and that number is going up everyday!

Pack Leash 5

In exchange for being a brand ambassador, Pack Leashes has given Winston and I a discount code to share with you. Please know that we are not making any profit off this code, we are simply sharing it with you because we love and believe in this company. At checkout, use the code LLL.BLOG for 20% off your entire purchase. Also, when you use our code, Pack Leashes will double their donation from 2lbs to 4lbs of donated dog food!

Join the pack today and help make a difference for your fur-baby and those around the world that need our love also! If you’re like me, you’ll do anything for your pup so imagine doing something for them and others!

Pack Leash 13

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B & Winston.

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Looking back at my ’00s style – is there’s such a thing as a fashion mistake?

Have you ever looked back at a picture of yourself as a teenager and wondered, ‘What on Earth was I wearing?’ I know I have. But the ’00s were a strange time, weren’t they? If you’re anything like me, your early Facebook pics are probably filled with outfits that you now have some serious questions about. However, today, I strongly believe that there’s no such thing as a fashion mistake of the ’00s, or any era for that matter. In fact, I don’t think fashion mistakes exist at all, and I’ll tell you why.

Taking a fashion risk knowing perhaps that it might not go down well with everyone you encounter is, I think, the most important and vital part of being fashionable. In my teens that was sometimes my Guido and Mary jeans with a veeeeery low waistband and my beloved Parasuco long sleeve with Velcro letters and obviously my Von Dutch trucker hat. Every time I take a dalliance down the danger filled alley that is memory lane, I look back screaming “why?!” into the universe.

I remember 16 years ago when I was 13, I went to England to visit my cousins. Everywhere I looked girls were wearing boxing style boots which were just about the most dope things I had ever seen. Nobody I knew at home had them. So, when I got back home to Canada I went on ahead and begged and begged and was lucky enough to get a pair. Back and white Puma boxing high tops.

Well in suburban Thornhill, Ontario circa 2002, that was not the case. I carefully laced them up, the way I had seen them worn in England with my jeans tucked in. They were the jewel in the crown of what was (probably) an otherwise horrific outfit. I left my house, strutting my stuff and was high on life. I don’t think my high school was ready for these babies just yet and I suddenly didn’t feel so in love with them as I had that morning.

So I went home, my step sadly with less of a spring, carefully unlaced the my boots, and put them back in their box, along with my confidence to wear what I actually wanted to. You see, the fact is, all that really matters is that you perceive your look to be good. Fu*k the haters. They are wrong. These morons thought my shoes sucked, even though they were clearly super lit.

Did those shoes ever come out of their box again? Of course they did. About a year later when suddenly everyone had a pair. I wore them until the leather had been cracked and the white turned a gross grey and the soles had both worn down on one side the way they always do. Of course, this was not the riskiest fashion risk I ever took. There were countless others that have since made me wince. But the important thing is that I took those damn risks and I continue to do so today.

Combining all sorts of bright hues with the occasional lick of lippy and my signature sliver rings is something that is my daily routine, today. Thanks to the decisions (not mistakes) I made back then, I have muddled together some sort of a reasonably OK look that gets me by, that sometimes even gets some nice compliments.

But when I look back at the girl in the photos, desperate to fit in and look like everyone else but standing out like a sore thumb, I can’t help but think, any previous fashion “mistakes” were super important. Those decisions that I made, that you made, that everyone you know made, are so flipping important.

Ditch the rules that say you can wear this or you can’t wear that. They are just plain wrong. The key to looking good is feeling good and if you feel good in those questionable outfits that others might think too risky, then honey, you look a million bucks.

What was your favorite outfit from the 2000’s? Who were you style icons?

I had a serious love affair with Juicy Couture, Von Dutch, Parasuco and basically anything Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff (did anyone else rock the Duff Puff 2/47?) or Beyoncé wore. I can’t lie, I still wear UGGs and you know what? I LOVE them and will never let them go!

I can’t find the exact image anymore but there was a photo from this ad campaign that Juicy did that I had as my desktop background forever!


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I made a Wish.

I often get DMs asking about affordable shopping or sale alerts and ladies, I HEAR YOU and I GOT YOU!

There is a good chance you have heard about previously – they likely show up as advertisements on your Instagram or Facebook pages. A t-shirt for $4.00? A dress for $9.00? I, being a total sucker for marketing gave into this and for the past couple months I have been opening package after package full of goodies. Not everything has been a goodie but there are defiantly some quality pieces that can be found on Wish!

Before you go crazy,  I should warn you of one little thing I missed the first few times I checked out. Pay attention to the shipping costs!!! If you purchase the same item in a few colors or sizes, you will get changed the shipping fee on each item not each order. Also, one trick that I learnt is if you close the app while there are items in your shopping cart still, you will often get a notification a few moments later offering you between 5-10% off if you check out now.

The items below have been washed and warn a few times each so I could see how they hold up and they have all passed my test! I’ve linked the pictures for you also in case you want to purchase them. Please know I am not affiliated with Wish at all, I am just sharing some of my finds because I love you and sharing is caring! Also, I have purchased a lot more that the items below but these are my favs! If there is something you’re looking at and want to know if I have it and if I would recommend it, by all means send me a DM anytime! There are a bunch of things I have hated and just didn’t work out for me. Would you guys want to see those also?

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