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Living with others.

When the word “roommate” comes to mind, a positive association doesn’t always come with it. And it’s totally understandable why. Many of us have had at least one not-so-great experience with a roommate. Luckily, I’m in a great situation now, but I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way.

I mean, when I think about it, it makes sense that this is a popular question/topic because it’s so relevant to nearly all of us at some stage of our lives. It’s sort of one of those #adulting things that people don’t really prepare you for; or at least, I wasn’t totally ready for it. And I feel like there are some unwritten rules that aren’t always explicitly stated too? It’s just different living with people that aren’t your family; there’s certainly a learning curve. And sometimes the sheer logistics of doing life *well* with other humans is hard; like figuring out how to confront conflict with grace, communicate hard things, or deal with personality differences.


What I’ve learned + tips for how to be a good roommate.

Whether it’s a friend or a stranger, living with a new roommate is always a little risky – no matter how well you *think* you know them. I also want to extend this topic to living with your significant other also because I think it’s important to touch on. You are literally sharing a home and your personal space with that person. And people are very different when you experience them occasionally and when you LIVE with them, you know? I mean, obviously. But sometimes we learn the hard way #amiright?!

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Books are the lives we don’t have time to live.

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Happy Friday dolls!!

You know I don’t usually post on Friday’s but I am so excited about this that I broke my rule and I’m making an exception!!

I am so pumped to be sharing this with you right now!

I have been working with a group of amazing #BossBabes from all over the world to put together a HUGE book exchange and I really hope you will participate and be as excited as I am!

This is so simple and you can join in from ANYWHERE!!

All you need to do is:

1. Send me a DM on Instagram letting me know you want to participate.

2. Purchase your favorite book – you only need to purchase ONE book, ONE time.

3. Pop it in the mail to a complete stranger. (It won’t be a total stranger because I will have their information and provide you with the mailing address)

This is such a good way to head into the weekend!!

I can’t wait to start reading my new books!!

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Feeling pressure to be perfect.

I’ve put pressure on myself my entire life. I don’t really know where it comes from or why I’m like this, but I’ve just always had really high standards for myself – in all areas of life. Maybe it is because I’m the oldest child and that’s pretty common among first-born children? (#FirstChildAllTheWay) Maybe it’s my genetics? Or Maybe it’s my way of subconsciously pushing myself to be my best? I’m not totally sure.

But one thing’s for sure, I feel it, and I bet a lot of you do also! Whenever I bring up perfectionism on Instagrammy DMs blow up with people relating and wanting to hear MORE about it. So you know what that means – I did some digging into perfectionism and why we feel that way. And even more exciting, I studied how to overcome it.

I’ll be sharing the HOW part soon So be sure to come back then! But, let’s take things step-by-step. Today is the first step – figuring out if you feel that pressure. Or, I really just wanted to get a conversation going here about what it looks like to feel it to have this pressure hovering over you. Because, maybe you do, but you don’t realize it? I know that’s my story. I didn’t realize or accept that I was a perfectionist for the longest time. It’s become pretty clear to me though recently– I’m so #guilty. These 15 signs I’m sharing below will help you identify if that’s what’s holding you back as well.

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