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Spring shoe round up.

Hi lovely people!

Spring is finally here! For the last few weeks, I have been purging my shoes and bringing out all my faithful favorites for warm weather and looking forward to finally parading around in some of my new additions as well! In the spring and summer I naturally gravitate more towards sandals and slides with the warmer weather, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today.  These are just some of my go-to shoes for a neutral, basic spring look that I wear all the way through the summer. PLUS I found some great dupes for some of them so you can totally find something to fit your budget, whatever that may be!

Some of these I’ve had by my side for over a year, some are new to me this season and a few I’ve actually purchased for a second time! I wanted to share reviews and first impressions of everything I’m rounding up for you today and hopefully you’ll find it helpful as you start refreshing your spring wardrobe.

shoes 1.jpg

Vince ‘Blair’ Slip-On Sneakers

I had to include my favorite sneakers because this is actually my second pair!  And for a pair of sneakers as expensive as these, you know I had to love them to splurge a second time. I have wore these with everything and walked a ton in them.  They’re still my go-to shoes because they go with so much; dresses, jeans, shorts- everything! I wear them with these no-show liner socks just because that’s my preference, but you could totally wear them without if that’s your thing!

They fit true to size and the slip-on style makes them SO easy to get on and go especially if you’re a mom with a car-seat to handle or a pup to walk!  These also make a great travel shoe because they come on and off so easy for any security checks you have to go through. Definitely worth the price!

A really cute and more inexpensive option would the Keds ‘Double Decker’ or another favorite of mine – the Steve Madden ‘Gills’.

shoes 2

Sam Edelman ‘Odila’ Nude Block Heel

I wanted to make sure I included a heeled sandal because I feel like everyone needs a good nude sandal for spring and summer and these have been a favorite of mine.  I recently bought this pair after owning the suede version and wearing them so much that the strap broke!  The reason I love these so much is because you can wear them with any dress you’d wear to a wedding- they go with literally everything!  And let’s be real, who doesn’t have a wedding to go soon – it’s the start of wedding season after all. These are a leather rather than suede so I think they’re going to last a lot longer.  The scalloped edge is so adorable and fun and the heel height is great which makes them super comfortable.  If you’re not used to wearing heels they might be a little bit uncomfortable but it’s a great option if super high heels hurt your feet!

Steve Madden also has a great budget-friendly option to these which are on sale right now also. They are the ‘Carrson Heeled Sandal’.

shoes 3

A New Day Embellished Slide Sandals

I have amazing friends who just know me so well! My lovely galpal just got these for me at Target a few weeks ago while in the US and I think they are SO adorable!  I can’t speak to the quality of them yet since they’re so new, but they would be perfect for hanging out by a pool or at the beach AND they’re a total steal at just $22.  They run a little bit wide over my foot but I wouldn’t suggest sizing down since they’d end up being too short in the back.

shoes 4

Sam Edelman ‘Natalya’ Slipper

This pair is a new find for me this season.  I’ve worn them countless times since I got them a couple of months ago and they’ve instantly become a staple for me this spring.  I was really shocked at how comfortable they are!  The woven material has some stretch to it which kind of holds to your foot so they don’t slide off.  I love them with jeans or dresses and really just can’t say enough good things about them because they are so cute and easy to slip on and run out the door!

shoes 5

See by Chloe ‘Glyn’ Flat Espadrilles

This pair of espadrilles are by far the biggest splurge in this post but they’re SO adorable and I really love them. I’ve had them for over a year and they still look great so if you do invest in them, the quality is really worth it.  I think they’re super fun and unique and a great way to dress up your jeans or shorts this spring.

I found a super cute dupe for them under $140 here!

That’s it dolls, what do you think? Leave a note and let me know if any of these are on your spring and summer must have lists? What is the one pair of shoes you cannot go the season without?

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Holiday Gift Guide – For Him Edit.

Happy holidays!

First off, I want to apologize for the minor hiatus that was happening over here in my little corner of the internet. I have been trying to spend a bit more time on Instagram lately as a quicker and easier way of connecting with you and as a result I haven’t found a moment to sit down and pound away at the keyboard. But, here I am! Back at it and pretty excited!

When it comes to the holidays and shopping, I always struggle with my boyfriend the most. It also doesn’t help that his birthday is in December also so I get hit with a double whammy of pressure to find the perfect gifts that he will love.

If you are anything like me, gift shopping for your man can really be a struggle. They never want anything and anything that they may need, they’ve already run out and bought it themselves! I am big into “experience” gifts though like tickets to an event or a fun excursion on our vacations and I will use those as a fall back idea from time to time.


This year I thought maybe we could help each other out and put our heads together here and come up with a bomb list of ideas!! Let me know what you think in the comment section and what your gift plans are this holiday season. Also, what are you asking Santa for this year?

Backpack – Swap out that nasty old excuse of a backpack your man has likely had from either high school or university and get him a brand new one. My boyfriend loves his new backpack for the comfort and storage size and I love it because I am a sucker for the color. I was envious of his cool new backpack this summer and bought myself this one which is fairly similar and I love it even more.

Headphones, I am still a fan of the wired ones and to compensate with the lack of jacks in the new iPhones, I just use the adapter. However, Apple AirPods are super popular and make for a really great gift. I find them expensive but seems like they are here to stay and at least Apple has free shipping. Personally, I am a fan of these plugged in ones more than the wireless.

I am obsessing over these little gems of a find!! My boyfriend and I each have our own mugs we prefer and all hell breaks loose when I catch him sipping his Cup o’ Joe out of my Pug Life mug!! Is it so hard to just not do that? Does this happen at your house or am I just way to anal? I am adding these his and her mugs to my check out for sure this year! Plus, they are totally picture perfect material!

BBQ tools… every man wants them and lucky for us gift givers, they need them! I have taken the cheap route out before when it comes to BBQ tools and I’ll tell you this – you get what you pay for. For a great quality but still basic set I would recommend this set. And, a burger press makes a great stocking stuffer to go along with the theme as well as skewers and sauces. If he already has all his grill accessories, maybe signing him up for Grill Master Club is a better idea. Subscription boxes aren’t just for us women!

Are there men out there that moisturize their face and body anymore or have these ideas gone the way of unicorns? My boyfriend just hates creams and claims they all cause him to breakout. This obviously isn’t true because I know he dips into mine occasionally and thinks I can’t smell it on his face. I pick and choose my battles. That being said, I have heard really great things about the Clinique Maximum Hydrator which is specifically made for men. I may just leave this on the counter and see how long it take him to try it and tell me he was wrong.

Male or female, old or young, the most important thing you can have in the winter (especially here in Canada) is dry and warm feet! Winter boots are always a welcomed gift idea and these are both stylist and practical so it is a win win for everyone! If you are looking for a pair for yourself, I suggest these ones that I just got for my birthday and can’t wait to wear out in the snow!

That is about it for now, I am sure as we get closer and closer I will add to my list and if you keep an eye on my Instagram (, I’ll notify you when I do add things. What do you have going on your list so far? I would love to hear and get some inspiration on things I may be missing! Also, have you put up your tree yet? We are doing ours this weekend and I’m having a few little elves help me with it, be sure to follow my IG stories on Saturday!!

Until next time, happy shopping!